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Condition of the Grounds - DOGS NSW Orchard Hills


Members are advised that the Grounds at DOGS NSW Orchard Hills are looking much better. Although still damp in some places, there are some areas that will have to be roped off and closed to parking. At this stage the shows can go ahead subject to no further rain in the main rings area.

Unfortunately, the GSDL rings and GSDL car park are not accessible until further notice.

 The following areas may still be accessed:

  • Administration Office
  • Amenities Building
  • GSDL Building
  • Secretary’s Hut
  • Main Rings 1-15
  • Library
  • Rotunda
  • Camping Sites
  • Access for the care of the Sheep is allowed
  • Exercising of dogs on the grounds is also permitted.

The following areas are NOT accessible:

  • Lure Coursing Area
  • GSDL Grounds, GSDL Car Park and GSDL Rings
  • Jack Russell Terrier Area
  • Herding Areas A,B & C
  • Earth Dog Area
  • Leash Free Dog Area

Members are encouraged to exercise caution when walking on grassed areas.
DOGS NSW thanks its Members for their patience over the last month.

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FCI Podcast: FCI Presidential Interview 2022


The annual FCI Presidential Interview with Dr Tamás Jakkel covers the accomplished projects of the last year, the current challenges in the dog world and their possible solutions, and the plans, predictions, and concerns for the upcoming year.

Please click here to view the podcast.


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2024 National Show/Retricted Trials : Labrador Retriever Club of SA Inc


Dogs Australia are pleased to advise the approval of the application received from the Labrador Retriever Club of SA Inc to conduct the 2024 National Show with Restricted Obedience Trial and Restricted RATG Trial on the 19 to 21 July 2024 at the David Roche Park, Cromwell Road, Kilburn, South Australia. 

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FCI PODCAST: Coffee Chat with Dr. Tamás Jakkel, the FCI President


Many people know the position Dr Tamás Jakkel holds as FCI President and thus define him by that position only.

Other people who have had the privilege to chat with him, know Tamás the individual, the dog lover, breeder, and judge.

In this virtual coffee chat, Gopi Krishnan has a casual chit chat with Tamás on a variety of topics from his personal likes and dislikes, to his views on certain topics about the dog world and of course the FCI, which he has headed as President for the last three years.

Please click here to view.

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Important FCI communication for the attention of Ukrainian breeders


The following communication, received from the FCI, is being circulated for your information.

NEW EMAIL AS FROM 30/05/2022:

Dear FCI Members and Contract Partners (NCOs),
Dear breeders and dog owners,

Due to the conflict in Ukraine, many Ukrainian breeders and owners had to leave their country with their dogs, sometimes with new-born puppies and/or pregnant females. The latter will or have whelp(ed) in countries different from Ukraine.

The Ukrainian Kennel Union (UKU), aware of the situation, put forward a proposal to the FCI General Committee, which was accepted on March 16, 2022.  The proposal is as follows:

a) In case a bitch has whelped while being in a country (FCI member) different from Ukraine, export pedigrees will be issued by UKU according to the following procedure:
  • A local veterinarian microchips the puppies in due age, vaccinates them, checks up the testicles, bite, for other possible anomalies like broken tail, etc, and issues the relevant certificate.
  • The breeder/person taking care of the bitch and puppies sends this certificate online to UKU ( ) as well as the other relevant documents required by UKU (information about dam and sire, etc). 

  • A UKU cynologist, via a video connection, checks the microchip and the conformation of the puppies and issues the documents for the puppies (puppy cards) in digital copy.
Final step: the electronic puppy cards are sent back by email to the breeder/person taking care of the dog.  Later on, the electronic puppy cards will be exchanged for the export pedigrees by the new owners of the dogs.

b) Regarding the issuance of export pedigrees for Ukrainian dogs sold or to be sold, the procedure is as follows:

The new dog owner sends by email to UKU ( ) a copy of the puppy card/of the pedigree under the name of the previous owner/of the electronic puppy card, the information about himself/herself and a bank receipt for the payment for the pedigree.

Final step: UKU sends by email to the dog owner the digital copy of the UKU Export pedigree.  The digital copy can be later replaced by the genuine paper document once Ukrainian postal service starts working again.

Any puppy card/export pedigree obtained according to the above procedure will be accepted by all FCI Members and Contract Partners.

For any questions, please turn to


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Animal Protection Dog Ordinance in Germany


Please click here to see the full Press Release from the VDH regarding Animal Protection Dog Ordinance in Germany

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ATTENTION BREEDERS! Deletion of Clause 8 of DOGS NSW Code of Ethics


Further to the recent Special Notice advising of the removal of Clause 8 from the DOGS NSW Code of Ethics, this change will be effective from 1 July 2022.

After this date, breaches of Clause 9 of the Code of Ethics, ie, more than 2 litters in 24 months, may attract more stringent penalties.

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Amendment to Dogs Australia Regulations Part 6 - The Register & Registration, Clause 6.10.4

Please note that Dogs Australia has recently approved an amendment to Dogs Australia Regulations Part 6-The Register & Registration, Clause 6.10.4 to read:-

6.10.4  In addition to compliance with 6.10.1 any Dobermann applying to be registered as a Natural Bobtail (NBT) must also show DNA proof of purity of breed. Where the certification of the dog being a NBT is by DNA testing, the DNA testing for proof of purity of breed must be conducted by an independent testing laboratory to that of the NBT testing.
Effective for matings after the 1 June 2022. (Added 10/21, 9.4) (Amended 05/22, EM#199)
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Expressions of Interest - New Year's Eve Event - 2023 Onwards


Expressions of Interest are called from Clubs who are interested in conducting a New Year’s Eve event from 2023 onwards.  DOGS NSW is willing to accommodate any Club wishing to conduct a New Year’s Eve event, however, you must contact the Office and make application to the Show Committee or sporting discipline Committee in sufficient time and, in accordance with the Regulations for submitting Draft Schedules, for the approval and organisation of the event.

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Updated DOGS NSW Regulations Part XIII - COE Removal of Clause 8


To ensure that DOGS NSW complies with the Department of Primary Industries Animal Welfare Code of Practice (Aug 2021), Clause, which reads:-    Bitches must not have more than two litters in any two year period, unless with the written approval of a veterinary practitioner

the DOGS NSW Board of Directors has resolved to remove Clause 8 from its Regulations Part XIII-Code of Ethic, which previously read:-
8.    A Member shall not breed a bitch that results in it whelping more than twice in eighteen months without the prior approval of the Board of Directors.  Application for registration of the litter may be considered by the Board of Directors where the application for registration must be accompanied by the following:-
(i)    prior written approval of a Veterinary Practitioner certifying her fitness to carry and whelp the third litter, and
(ii)   the breeder to provide written details of the extenuating circumstances for the litter. (12/18)

Therefore, there is now NO provision in DOGS NSW Regulations to grant dispensation to a third litter whelped in less than 18 months.

It should be noted that any breach of the Government’s Animal Welfare Code of Practice may render a breeder to be subject to penalty by that entity.

Please click here to read the Regulations Part XII - Code of Ethics.
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