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WARNING: Spike in deadly funnel-web spiders around Sydney


Recent wet weather conditions will bring an increase in the amount of funnel web spiders around Sydney, warns the Australian Reptile Park.

The recent rains and weather conditions during summer will create perfect conditions for funnel-web spiders to thrive, with male funnel-webs set to be leaving their burrows in search of a mate, sometimes ending up in houses or residential gardens.

Sam Herrmann, Reptiles and Spider keeper, said the public must remain vigilant, aware, and safe when dealing with funnel-web spiders.

“Summer is funnel web season and with the recent rain brings during conditions where funnel web spiders thrive so now is the time people will be seeing funnel webs more and more. We need to public to assist us with bringing funnel web spiders to the Australian Reptile Park.”

The Australian Reptile Park on the New South Wales Central Coast is the sole supplier of funnel-web spider venom, which creates lifesaving antivenom. Since pioneering the program in 1981, nobody has died from a funnel web spider bite.

“It’s important that Australians know how to safely catch the spiders so that we can continue to milk them and save lives. We rely on public donations of funnel-web spiders to build up our milking individuals. The last couple of years has seen decreasing amounts of funnel web hand-ins to The Australian Reptile Park, despite good exposure and community awareness.

Herrmann said the spiders prefer cool, damp places like the laundry or garage, or in shoes left outside. “It is best to ensure you are not leaving washing and clothing on the floors, if you leave your shoes outside – make sure you give them a tap on the ground before putting your foot in blindly as shoes can be the perfect little burrow for funnel-webs. Pool filters should also be checked and cleaned regularly.”

“We’re encouraging residents of NSW to not kill funnel-web spiders that they come across but rather follow our safety guidelines on-line to capture the spider, and hand them in at the park or a participating drop-off centres.” Click here to visit the NSW Government site for guidelines to safely capture a spider. 

As specialists in funnel web behaviour, Australian Reptile Park staff recommend that residents in areas that have a high number of funnel web spiders have a compression bandage in their house, readily available should someone be bitten.

“If bitten, a pressure immobilisation bandage should be wrapped firmly around the bite area and the limb, and medical assistance sought immediately”, added Mr Rumsey.

“We also recommend a capture kit be kept including a glass jar with air holes in the lid, and a plastic ruler to guide the spider into the jar for collection.”

In addition to the Australian Reptile Park, drop-off zones for funnel web spiders are located in Sydney, the Central Coast and Newcastle. Drop off zones around NSW include:

  • Westmead Hospital 
  • Australian Reptile Park 
  • John Hunter Hospital
  • Sutherland Hospital 
  • Gosford Hospital 
  • Hornsby Hospital 
  • Wyong Hospital 
  • Brookevale Greencross Vets 
  • Wyoming Veterinary Hospital 
  • Mona Vale Veterinary Hospital 
  • Wyong Hospital 
  • Hawkesbury City Council 
  • Vital First Aid Gosford 
  • Symbio Wildlife Park
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Approval of National Show Application: Cocker Spaniel Club of Victoria Inc - CHANGE OF DATE


DOGS AUSTRALIA would like to notify all Members of the change of date for the National Show to be held by the Cocker Spaniel Club of Victoria Inc.
The new date for this show will be the 3 & 4 November 2022, at the same venue, being KCC Park, 655 Westernport Highway, Skye, Victoria. 

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2022 National Show: Labrador Retriever Club of Queensland


As the 2021 National Show by the Labrador Retriever Club of Queensland was postponed, DOGS AUSTRALIA can now advise Members that this show will now be held on the 8 and 9 August 2022 at Dogs Queensland Showgrounds, 247 King Avenue, Durack, Queensland. 

The Club has provided written confirmation from the Royal National Agricultural & Industrial Association of Queensland (RNA) in accordance with Regulations Part 13 Section 4.

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Search for Australian Dog of the Year 2022

Each year, people who inspire and lead as role models for communities across the nation are recognised by the Australian of the Year Awards. But what about our furry best friends, who are as wonderfully diverse as our nation and have also made an incredible impact in the lives of people, the environment or other animals?

Puppy Tales is once again heading up the search for the
Australian Dog of the Year to celebrate the faithful canine companions who have brought us through an extremely tough couple of years and continued to contribute to society in many ways. The winner will be announced on Australia Day on 26 January.

“Not all heroes wear capes — some wear collars and leashes!” said Kerry Martin, award-winning pet photographer and founder of Puppy Tales, a website aimed at helping pet owners make the most of life with their fur family. “We want to recognise pooches from across Australia for services they provide in communities, to humans and their unyielding devotion in the face of sadness, tough times and the occasional vacuum cleaner.”

In its second year, the 2022 Australian Dog of the Year will receive a $500 Pet Circle Gift Card, a $1,000 photography experience with Puppy Tales Photography plus $1000 donation to the registered charity of the winner’s choice!

There are also the People’s Choice Award and Nominee prizes valued at more than $2,500 for 10 other boys and girls.

Which dogs can be nominated?

Some of the kinds of dogs that are encouraged to enter are (but not limited to):

  • Guide dogs or hearing dogs
  • Therapy dogs visiting ill people in hospitals 
  • Dogs who have helped someone with disabilities or health challenges
  • Dogs in reading programs or assistance at schools
  • Dogs involved in wildlife detection or protection
  • Dogs who have located, rescued or saved people, or other pets
  • Police and combat dogs
  • Other working dogs
  • Dogs that are blood donors
  • A best friend who has gotten you through a tough time (like the last two years of a worldwide pandemic )

Kerry said, “Not all have an incredible su-paw talent (unless chewing on furniture is a talent!), but there’s no doubt they have all changed the lives of their humans.”

If your dog represents the true spirit of Australia by being courageous, loving or in any way amazing,
nominate them now for a chance to be recognised for the awesome doggo they are and win fabulous prizes to spoil them silly!

Entry deadline is Thursday, January 20 at 8PM AEDT. Winners will be announced on Australia Day (January 26) at 9AM AEDT on
Puppy Tales’ Facebook page.

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Revised Board Election Schedule

DOGS NSW Board of Directors, at its December 2021 meeting resolved as follows:-

THAT the sequence for the process of Elections of Directors from 2022 which is currently
set as:-
​Published in Journal                                                                April
Submit Nominations                                                                June
Ballot delivery/postage                                                           July
Close of Ballot                                                                        August
Count by Returning Officer             August (day after close)

Be amended to:-
Published in Journal                                                                June
Submit Nominations                                                                August
Ballot delivery/postage                                                           September
Close of Ballot                                                                        October
Count by Returning Officer             October (day after close)

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FCI Circular 1/2022 - New Export Pedigree (China Kennel Union)


Please click here to read FCI's Circular 1/2022 - China Kennel Union's sample of its new CERTIFIED EXPORT PEDIGREE with holographic sticker, in force since 15/12/2020. Click here to view the sample Certified Export Pedigree. 

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DOGS NSW involvement with 'The Great Cattle Dog Muster'


It is with great pleasure DOGS NSW announce our commitment to working with the Muswellbrook Chamber of Commerce to bring the people of the Hunter and Australia to 'The Great Cattle Dog Muster'. 

The Great Cattle Muster is a wonderful concept promoting pedigree dogs in the community.

DOGS NSW have appointed Director Glen Vernon to the position of administrator for the three day event in September 2022. Director Vernon will be organising, coordinating and in control of all aspects relating to the two championship shows and dog sport events at the Muster.  

DOGS NSW recognise both Ken and Narelle Hammond for their involvement in the concept.  

This is a great opportunity for our business and the general community to come together and promote pedigree dogs.

We ask everyone to give the event their support. 

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DOGS NSW Submission to the DPI


Members were previously advised that the Board of Directors having been working hard on preparing a response the Department of Primary Industries (DPI) proposed changes to the breeding of animals. The response was supported from Members feedback from the recent survey sent to Members. The response has been submitted and can be read by clicking here.

Thank you to all those 778 Members who took the time to respond and contributed to the survey. It is very much appreciated.


Lyn Brand

President DOGS NSW

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2022 Aspiring Judges Training Program


2022 Aspiring Judges Program

To apply to become an Aspiring Judge you must:

•   be 18 years of age or over
•   Have been a member of a Dogs Australia Member Body for a minimum of eight (8) years during the ten (10) years immediately prior to the date of the application.
•   be a resident in the State of New South Wales and provide proof of that primary residence or with written approval from the relevant Member Body in which State you reside. 
•   Have bred at least three (3) litters under their own or shared Prefix.
•   Have bred at least two (2) champions under your own or shared Prefix.
•   Aspiring Judges must supply a DOGS NSW Stewards Card evidencing that you have completed six (6) Stewarding appointments at six (6) separate shows within the two (2) preceding years, four (4) of which must be full Group appointments.
**Exemption from this criteria has been granted by the Executive Committee provided that an undertaking is given that this requirement will be met by 30 June 2022.
•    In the previous two (2) years prior to enrolling, have successfully completed and have demonstrated a history of ongoing commitment to dog showing through the various aspects of the sport such as Show Management and other aspects of Affiliate and Show Administration.  This commitment is to continue for the duration of training.
Then: Complete and submit the approved enrolment form which must include evidence of the criteria above and be accompanied by the prescribed fee inclusive of Lectures and Examinations. Please click here for the Aspiring Judges Application form.
NOTE: Aspiring Judges must enrol in the Group that they have been associated with as their first Group.
•   All Lectures for Aspiring Judges will be delivered by ZOOM.  This will suit people’s work and family demands better and ensure long distance driving at night is not necessary.

Aspiring Judges Training Program 2022
•    Applications open: Wednesday 22 December 2021
•    Applications close: Monday 24 January 2022, 4:00pm

•    Tuesday 25 January 2022    Introduction and Responsibilities of a Judge
•    Thursday 27 January 2022    Rules and Regulations
•    Monday 31 January 2022    Canine Structure 1
•    Wednesday 2 February 2022    Canine Structure 2
•    Monday 7 February 2022    Breeds Standards and First Group 1
•    Wednesday 9 February 2022    Ringcraft and Examining a Dog
•    Monday 14 February 2022    Aspiring Judges Program Theory Exam
•    Monday 21 February 2022    Aspiring Judges Program First Group Exam

Enquiries to Prof Brian Corbitt - 0400 539 956 (not after 8.00pm please)

Lectures for Sub Group 1 will begin in March
Lectures for Sub Group 2 will begin in June
Practical Exams (dates to be determined)

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    FCI Circular 57/2021 - Cropped/Docked Dogs of Breeds customarily Cropped/Docked - Reminder


    The FCI General Committee insists that, effective from 1st January 2025, the dogs with cropped ears/docked tail, belonging to breeds for which no reference is made to the cropped ears/docked tail in the FCI breed standards, will not be allowed anymore to be shown in any conformation event where the FCI breed standards are used. For further information please click here to view the full notice.

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