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RNSWCC 2022 Annual General Meeting *Supplementary Agenda*


At its recent meeting, the Board considered the Agenda for the RNSWCC 2022 Annual General Meeting and noted the Special Resolution at Item 8.3 in respect of amending RNSWCC Articles of Association to allow for electronic notifications to members.  The Board considered that this Special Resolution could be expanded to allow for the conduct of the RNSWCC Annual General Meeting electronically, ie, hybrid or virtual.

This matter was forwarded to Mark O’Brien Lawyers for legal advice and, subsequently, a Supplementary Agenda has now been drafted to include additional relative Special Resolutions and should be read in conjunction with the original Agenda for the RNSWCC Annual General Meeting scheduled for Wednesday 2 November 2022 commencing at 7.30pm.

The Supplementary Agenda can be accessed by clicking here.

The original Agenda for the RNSWCC 2022 Annual General Meeting can be accessed by clicking here.

For those members who wish to raise any questions/queries at the meeting in relation to the 2021/2022 Financial Statements, it would be appreciated if you could provide those questions/queries in writing to this Office via email at by close of business Friday, 21 October 2022 to enable the Office to provide detailed responses to those questions/queries at the meeting.

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DOGS NSW Orchard Hills Grounds Closure


Regrettably, the decision has been made to close the Grounds at Orchard Hills due to the wet weather expected over the coming days and weekend.

As a result, the shows scheduled to be held at Orchard Hills for Saturday and Sunday will need to be cancelled or rescheduled. Please contact your Show Organisers for more information. Clubs will be issued refunds for grounds and rings hire as well as people that have booked camping.

DOGS NSW apologises for any inconvenience. Members will be notified of further updates as they become available.

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FCI Committee for Dog Welfare & Health- Release of Publications

It is needless to present an in-depth explanation of the importance of dog welfare related matters and their connection to our activities.

These FCI documents, and the upcoming ones, target the everyday dog keeper, presenting complex materials related to responsible dog keeping to prevent dog welfare matters and better understand the importance of registered breeding.

The following documents are published on the FCI website and can also be downloaded from DOGS NSW website:

Click here for "What Does Responsible Breeding Mean" 
Click here for "Why Choose a Registered Breeder" Registered Breeder" 
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DOGS NSW Obedience State Titles - CANCELLED!


Regrettably, the Obedience State Titles scheduled to be held at Orchard Hills this weekend, have been cancelled due to the poor condition of the GSDL rings.

DOGS NSW and the Organising Committee apologise for any inconvenience this has caused.

Shows scheduled to be held on the main rings will still go ahead as planned. Attendees are reminded to take care when parking on soft surfaces and also when walking or running with your dogs in and around the rings.

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CORRECTION TO NOTICE - 2 SEPTEMBER 2022 Ramp and Table Breed Listing - Feedback from Members

The following Notice was published in the Weekly Woof dated 2 September 2022. Members please note that your feed back should be provided to DOGS NSW Board of Directors for consideration and drafting of a formal response to Dogs Australia.

Members’ feedback should not be forwarded directly to Dogs Australia.

At the Dogs Australia June 2022 Board meeting during discussions on the Ramp Use Policy (Item 5.2) the Directors agreed that prior to the October meeting the Dogs Victoria ramp breed listing is to be placed on our website and Member Bodies to consult with their members as to its suitability as a proposed definitive list of breeds which may or may not be ramped or tabled.

This article can be accessed from the Dogs Australia website by clicking here.
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DOGS NSW Regulations Part IV-Judges

At its recent meeting, the Board resolved to amend DOGS NSW Regulations Part IV-Judges, Clause 4.4(a)(v) as follows:-

4.4(a)  At an exhibition at which he is officiating as a judge, a Judge shall not:-
 ​(v)  use a mobile phone, iPad, iPod or any other electronic device whilst he is carrying out his judging appointment in the ring. (07/18)

Be amended to read:-
4.4(a)  At an exhibition at which he is officiating as a judge, a Judge shall not:-
(v)   use any other electronic devices whilst he is carrying out his judging appointment in the ring unless confirming a breed standard or when critiquing.  Electronic devices must not be used for communication purposes while judging. (09/22)

Click here to view the full Regulations.


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Welsh Corgis feature on Today Show

The Welsh Corgi Club of NSW was approached by Dr Katrina Warren, early this week, to partake in a special segment on Welsh Corgis, Queen Elizabeth II's favourite dog breed.

Michelle Pratley and Robin Robertson, from the Welsh Corgi Club of NSW, assisted Dr Katrina by bringing in their beautiful dogs for the segment, which aired on Channel 9's Today Show around 10.30am on Thursday, 15 September..

The segment went well with the dogs captivating the presenters and Dr Katrina giving the best advice on the breed and on buying pure bred dogs in general.

The Corgis loved the studio work and were right at home on the set.

Pictured right: Tim Davies with 'Diva'.

To watch the segment please click here.

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Obedience and Tracking Judges Committee - 2023 Judges Training Scheme


The Obedience & Tracking Judges Committee will be conducting a Judges Training Scheme in 2023.
Closing date for applications will be COB Friday 9th December, 2022.

The Theory Night – Introduction to the Course will be held on Thursday 23rd February, 2023 at 7.30pm. (Please note all metropolitan candidates are required to attend this session. Zoom will be available for country candidates.)

The Theory Examination will be held on Friday 31st March, 2023.

Successful candidates will be required to attend regular training sessions held by The Obedience & Tracking Judges Committee on the second Thursday of each month.

The Practical Examination will be held on Friday 3rd November, 2023.

Courses to be held are: CCD, CCD/Novice (run concurrently) Novice, Open, UD, UDX, Rally, Tracking, Track and Search and Endurance.

Application forms can be obtained from the DOGS NSW Office.
Applicants are advised they will not be permitted to apply for both Obedience and Rally in the Judges Training Scheme in any one calendar year.

Please click here to view the Criteria for Admission to the Obedience and Tracking Judges Training Scheme.


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2022 RNSWCC Board Elections Booklet & Ballot Material dispatched to Metropolitan Region members

The 2022 RNSWCC Election Booklet and Ballot material have now been dispatched to all financial members whose membership is financial as of 30 June 2022 and who reside in the Metropolitan Region only.

Those Metropolitan members will receive a Postal Ballot Paper for their region only. The five (5) positions are to be elected from the Metropolitan Region for a three (3) year term, retiring at the conclusion of the Annual General Meeting held more than 30 months thereafter.
The Election material should include the following for each member:2768463.jpg
  • 1 x Election magazine (joint members receive one magazine)
  • 1 x Ballot Paper with instructions on the reverse
  • 1 x Ballot Only envelope
  • 1 x Returning Officer envelope
The Ballot Paper contains instructions on the proper manner of completion and should be carefully read before the paper is marked.

Each completed Ballot Paper must be posted to the Returning Officer in accordance with those instructions.

Voting closes 12 NOON, FRIDAY 7 OCTOBER 2022, with the count on SATURDAY, 8 OCTOBER 2022, at Orchard Hills, commencing at 9.00am.

Please see below for relevant documents pertaining to the upcoming Election
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CACIB Show - Ulverstone Kennel Club - Cancelled


The Ulverstone Kennel Club (TAS) has advised that it will not be running a CACIB Show on 29 January 2023.

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