Dances with Dogs

Dances With Dogs

Despite the title of this fast growing sport it has nothing to do with dancing, but plenty to do with music. If you can walk with your dog you can enjoy heelwork to music. If you love music and enjoy time with your dog then this is the sport for you. Handlers have the opportunity to develop and utilise their creative skills, and to train and showcase their dogs in a unique way. Dogs are kept active which improves their fitness as they develop greater flexibility. 

Workshops are open to anyone who has an interest in dancing with their dog. You may be a beginner, unsure how to start, or participated in previous workshops and would like to polish your dance routine(s). Perhaps you need help with your choreography or some new moves in your routine.

Get involved contact Joan Stewart on or call 9634 4753.


Download the latest Shows & Trials Guide, for all the dates of the upcoming events. Please note these documents are updated from time to time.


Dances with Dogs Entry Form
Guide - Running a Competition
Part 15 Dances with Dogs Regulations

2023 Competitions 

Double Dances with Dogs Competition - Saturday, 11 November 2023 ~ Click here to view the Show Schedule.

2024 Competitions

2024 Queensland State & National Dances with Dogs & Tricks Competitions ~ Click here to view the flyer.


Dances with Dogs Committee contacts:

Chair: Ms J Stewart, Chair - Ph. 0421 016 168 - E.
Member: Miss V Etherington OAM - Ph. 0418 226 915 - E.

Dances with Dogs (HTM & FS) Judges Training Scheme 2024

Dances with Dogs – Trick Dog Judges Committee will be conducting Judges Training in 2024.

Seeking expressions of Interest for: Dances with Dogs (HTM & FS) & Trick Dogs 

Eligibility for Admission to Dances with Dogs Judges Training Scheme 2024:

(a) Be a financial member of DOGS NSW

(b) Be a resident of New South Wales

(c) Be a minimum of 18 years of age;

(d) Have been a member of DOGS NSW for a minimum of three (3) years.

(e) Have personally trained, competed with and achieved a minimum of two qualifying certificates for a dog in NOVICE class in either Freestyle or Heelwork to Music and supply full details thereof to the Board of Directors.

(f) Have been an active member of an affiliated club for not less than 3 years

(g) Apply in writing including experience of Ring Steward/Trial Official at DWD competition at not less than three (3) official competitions in the past two years.

  • Dances with Dogs – Trick Dog Judges Committee has the right to approve other people who do not fit these criteria.
  • Email DOGS NSW,.au for an application form. Applications must be accompanied by the $77:00 Theory Examination fee.
  • Closing Date: Friday 1st December, 2023
  • Please contact Joan Stewart to discuss any queries.