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RNSWCC 2021 AGM Special Resolutions & Motions


Please be advised that, in relation to the listed Special Resolutions and Motions on the Agenda for the RNSWCC 2021 Annual General Meetings, it is advised as follows:-

Special Resolution 8.1:   Mr Couchman has WITHDRAWN his Special Resolution.  Notwithstanding that, this Special Resolution can be moved by a member from the floor.

Special Resolutions 8.4, 8.5:   In accordance with advice received from the DOGS NSW Solicitor, in their present form, the wording of those Special Resolutions are not considered to be appropriate for adoption by a general meeting and, therefore, have been ruled out of order.

Motions 8.6 & 8.7:   In accordance with advice received from the DOGS NSW Solicitor, in their present form, the wording of those Motions are not considered to be appropriate for adoption by a general meeting and, therefore, have been ruled out of order.

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Use of Service NSW QR Code for DOGS NSW


Clubs are advised that when conducting an event at DOGS NSW Orchard Hills, that they are to use the Service NSW QR code for DOGS NSW and not their own QR code. This is imperative that we are using the same code in the event of a COVID case at the grounds. The DOGS NSW QR codes are placed around the grounds and you can also download a copy here.

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ANKC Member Update


On Sunday October 24, the ANKC conducted an important update to its members detailing its plan to rebrand the public face of the Australian National Kennel Council to DOGS AUSTRALIA and take a more proactive role in communicating to dog lovers nationally. The update also demonstrated the scale and strength of the combined member bodies across Australia. The purpose of the presentation was to brief members for feedback ahead of a public launch of DOGS AUSTRALIA which will take place later this year. The official DOGS AUSTRALIA date will be advised to members in the coming weeks.

2658278.jpgDOGS AUSTRALIA will change the way we communicate with dog lovers around Australia.

With its name change and re-branding, it will be the beginning of a much bigger and more pro-active marketing role for our national body.

Across Australia we have 32,000 members, 11,000 breeders and over 350 breed clubs and now we will have a much stronger voice and, in time, a much bigger public voice.

Click here to view the promotional video.

Two or three times a year DOGS AUSTRALIA will run campaigns via the mainstream media, directed at the general public on behalf of our national membership, by bringing together the amazing repository of expertise, knowledge and experience held by our people.

Later this year, the first national campaign will be launched, focusing on educating the public on the importance of research to find the right dog for their family. 

That campaign will be driven by 7 social media videos and will focus on our 7 breed groups, their history, characteristics and instincts that might suit people looking for a dog for their family. They will also include dog sports.

They are designed to interest the public, and drive consumers to our breeders and dog sports.

Once edited, they will go up on all our state and national dog websites with links to relevant breeders.

And there’s more. All our breeders and clubs will be called on to contribute to grow our brand and your reputation by joining the ‘DOGS AUSTRALIA Bush Telegraph’.

By joining the Bush Telegraph, DOGS AUSTRALIA will share resources from the various consumer campaigns to the member community, to grow our collective brand, breeders and clubs.

You can join by emailing your name, organisation name and key contact to: 

A replay of the streamed presentation is available
here (requires registration), and later this week (without registration) as a video and transcription by clicking here

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Important Notice: Animal Justice Party - Companion Animals Amendment (Puppy Farms) Bill 2021

The Companion Animal Amendment (Puppy Farm) Bill, a Private members bill initially put forward by Emma Hurst of the Animal Justice Party and Alex Greenwich (Independent) was put forward for its second reading this week, but has been delayed for a month. This Amendment Bill, if enacted, has the potential to wipe us all out, while having minimal effect on puppy mill operations or production. 

This is a serious attempt to remove Companion Animals from general society. By severely limiting the number of breeding bitches, or queens, any person can have (greater than 2 of either), you are automatically a commercial breeder with a maximum of 10, and a micro breeder if 2 or less. Any retained female puppies or kittens from the age of 8 weeks is added to your current total, even if you let it go at 4-6 months of age. Any bitches out on breeders contracts are also counted and the contracts can be cancelled.

All breeders must be licensed, payable annually, inspected annually, and all your animals can be removed if you are not registered and do breed.

Many of the measures are extremely draconian and the proposed fines for not complying are severe. A copy of the letter that DOGS NSW Media & Government Legislation Committee has put forward to the Government, as well as notes for the members and technical notes are attached below, and will also be placed on the DOGS NSW website. Please click here to view a copy of the Animal Justice Party's proposed amendment to the NSW Parliament.

It is vitally important that everyone drafts a letter (please make them individual letters, not rote letters!) against this proposed amendment with continual heavy representations to their local and state politicians. The expense of running the required new registrations, inspections, etc, is expected to be borne by the breeders registered, so the costs will be high for even the micro breeders. I cannot see that Councils will be at all happy about the increased work required to run any such schemes, however, I can see an increase in puppy mill activity as the demand for Companion Animals  will still be there and we, as the visible breeders, will once again pay the price.

The end agenda by the Animal Justice Party is not to have Companion Animals. By placing so many restrictions, most breeders are going to say it is all too much and desex their animals. At worst, there may be animals euthanised or dumped.

We can fight this! The Amendment is not expected to pass at this time, but if we do not object strongly now, some of these points may still go forward next time! 

The letter and the notes will give you ideas to develop letters to go forward, write letters against the Animal Justice Party!  Click here to find your local member's email address.

Get involved and save our way of life and our freedoms !
  • Click here to view the DOGS NSW response to the AJP Bill
  • Click here to view AJP Amendment Bill - Technical Notes
  • Click here to view AJP - Notes for members

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Special Notice: RNSWCC 2021 Annual General Meeting


The RNSWCC 2021 Annual General Meeting, scheduled for Wednesday 3 November 2021 commencing at 7.30pm, will be conducted as a hybrid meeting, allowing for members to participate either in person or by electronic means.

It should be noted that in accordance with NSW Government COVID restrictions at that time, a maximum of 60 people only are allowed to attend in person and those persons will be required to provide formal verification of double vaccination or medical contraindication.

Details as to how the electronic part of the meeting will be conducted will be provided to members as soon as that information is available from the company who will conducting the event.

In the meantime, members who wish to attend the RNSWCC 2021 Annual General Meeting should forward their name, member number and email address to the Office via and include advice as to their preference of attendance, ie, in person or electronically.

Please note:  Once registrations have reached 60 members attending in person, no further registration for in person attendance will be accepted.

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FCI PODCAST - Inside the FCI: The FCI Executive Director


There has always been a fair amount of assumptions made about the largest global organisation for Pedigree Dogs, so this series of the FCI Podcast Channel titled “Inside the FCI” aims to shed light and dispel assumptions about this international organisation that stands for Pedigree Dogs Worldwide!

The first episode goes straight to the epicentre of the FCI, with an interview with Mr Yves de Clercq, its Executive Director, finding out more about the workings of the FCI HQ in Thuin, Belgium, his role and that of the permanent staff.

Gopi Krishnan delves deep to get Mr. de Clercq’s views on the organisation, looking at its past, present and plans for the future, to truly understand the nerve centre and to give a clearer and in-depth view on the FCI.

You can listen here

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THE FCI PODCAST (1): Brachy Breeds and BOAS: Seeing beyond the nose


The first episode of The FCI Podcast is out NOW!

What is the exact reason behind the brachycephalic obstructive airway syndrome (BOAS)?

What is the functional grading system precisely about?

What other factors do you need to consider while seeking the solution that effectively works in the long run for the sake of the welfare of the flat-faced dog breeds?

This episode of The FCI Podcast with Dr Jane Ladlow, Wenche Charlotte Skogli, Bill Lambert, and Dr Tamás Jakkel gives deep insight on the topic and the practical solution.

Click here to view the podcast on youtube.

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Re-Opening of DOGS NSW Events

Following the recent decision of the NSW Government in respect of the relaxing of COVID restrictions once 80% full vaccination level has been reached in New South Wales, the DOGS NSW Executive Committee has resolved today as follows:-

1.    THAT the COVID Plan for Controlled Outdoor Public Gatherings, attached at Annexure A, be approved for publication on the DOGS NSW website and other media platforms and, once approved, Affiliates will be required to complete and submit a COVID Plan with their Draft Schedules and/or at least ten (10) days prior to the conduct of any event.
2.    THAT, on reaching 80% fully vaccinated level in New South Wales, DOGS NSW events be approved to re-commence in accordance with the Affiliates COVID Plan and the current NSW Government regulations and requirements in respect of COVID-19.
3.    THAT all DOGS NSW Affiliates conducting events be required to adhere to their COVID Plan and the NSW Government regulations and requirements in respect of COVID-19 at all times.

This decision was based on information provided received from both NSW Health Department & Office of Stuart Ayers MP, as follows:-

DOGS NSW would be considered a “Controlled Outdoor Public Gathering as per below:-

•    Controlled outdoor public gatherings (ie – fenced, seated ticketed) permitted for up to 3,000 people with density limit.

This would require assurance that each event followed the rules governing a particular area with strict adherence to density limits and a COVID-19 Plan in place.  Density limits are, for example, a land mass of 2,000 sqm would allow a maximum of 1,000 people.

It should also be noted that should the Premier announced that travel to and from Regional areas is still restricted, ie, Regional cannot travel to Metropolitan areas and vice versa, then Affiliates will be required to ensure that their entries are limited to residents in their Regional areas only.

The above requirements are subject to “80% full vaccination level” being reached in New South Wales.

The Affiliates COVID Plan can be accessed be clicking here.


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DOGS NSW Grounds Open from 11 October


The DOGS NSW Executive Committee has resolved as follows:-

THAT, in accordance with the NSW Government “Road Map to Freedom”:-
•    as from 11 October 2021, the DOGS NSW Grounds be opened to people to train their dogs, however, those persons will be required to show proof of double vaccination or medical exemption if training in groups of no more than 20 people. The person running the class is responsible for checking the vaccination status of the members in the group.
•    as from 18 October 2021, the DOGS NSW Office Reception will open, however, any person entering must show proof of double vaccination.

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Attention Affiliates- Refund of Draft Schedules & Advertisisng Fees


At a recent meeting of the Board of Directors it was resolved as follows:-

THAT Affiliates who have submitted Draft Schedules along with advertising be given either a credit or a full refund when their shows have been subsequently cancelled due to COVID.  If you believe your Club is entitled to a refund, you should email DOGS NSW Office via and submit the refund form which can by found by on the website by clicking here


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