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FCI Podcast: Separation Anxiety ~ The Modern Disease of Dogs


Separation anxiety is a widespread behavioural problem of dogs.

Why should it be taken seriously? What are the reasons behind it? What is the difference between separation anxiety and a bored dog?

How can one help? the dogs suffering from it? And how has the pandemic made the situation worse?

In this episode of The FCI Podcast, Malena DeMartini-Price – the foremost expert in separation anxiety in dogs – gives all the answers and provides a thorough insight into the world of dogs suffering from separation anxiety.

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Requirements of NSW Government Guidelines for COVID Safe Plans


The DOGS NSW Show Committee would like to remind all Club and Committee Secretaries that the current NSW Government Guidelines still stand until further notice.

The requirements are that Clubs and Committees must provide a current COVID Safe Plan plus a COVID Checklist for Secretaries, which outlines the requirements of Gate QR Check-ins and checking current vaccination status, ie, Clubs must provide a full roster of all persons checking the QR and double vaccination status at the gate. No Exemptions.

These forms can be found by clicking 

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National Show/Restricted Trial - German Shepherd Dog League NSW Inc: RESCHEDULED NOTICE


Please note due to Covid-19 the National Show/Restricted Obedience Trial which was to take place by the German Shepherd Dog League NSW Inc on 14 to 16 May 2021 at the Bill Spilstead Complex for Canine Affairs, 44 Luddenham Road, Orchard Hills NSW has been rescheduled to take place on 3 to 5 June 2022 at the same venue.   

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National Show Application: Bullmastiff Club of Victoria Inc - CANCELLATION NOTICE


Dogs Victoria have advised that due to COVID -19 the Bullmastiff Club of Victoria Inc have decided to cancel the 2022 National Show. scheduled to be held on 7 & 8 May 2022 at the Bulla Exhibition Centre, Bulla, Victoria.

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FCI Podcast - The FCI Standards Commission


In this episode, Gopi Krishnan speaks with Jorge Nallem, the President of the FCI Standards Commission, who do the critical role of ensuring that the Breed Standards (the Blueprint) of the nearly 400 breeds of dogs that the FCI recognises, comply with the ideals and aims of the FCI in their promotion of pedigree dogs.

There has always been a fair amount of assumptions made about the largest global organisation for Pedigree Dogs, so this series of the FCI Podcast Channel titled “Inside the FCI” aims to shed light and dispel assumptions about this international organisation that stands For Pedigree Dogs Worldwide!

Comprising ninety-nine member countries globally, the FCI is the largest global organisation for Pedigree Dogs covering almost every area of interest with dogs from conformation dog shows to dog sports and hunting trials. But to keep such a large organisation working effectively will take a mountain of people involved in each area of specialist interest. In the FCI, these committees or groups are known as FCI Commissions. They comprise volunteers from that particular area or expertise or field who dedicate their time and efforts to ensuring that their respective areas of interest are served with the sole aim being for the benefit of pedigree dogs.

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FCI Breed added to the National Business System: Grosser Schweizer Sennenhund (Greater Swiss Mountain Dog)


An application has been received for re-registration of the following FCI recognised breed:

Grosser Schweizer Sennenhund (Greater Swiss Mountain Dog)

The ANKC have arranged for this breed to be added to the business system and for their website to be updated with the relevant breed standard.

In addition, the ANKC Group listing has been updated with this breed being allocated to Group 6 (Utility) as confirmed by the National Breed Standards Coordination Group.

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DOGS NSW Members are reminded and advised that comments made and published on Social Media may contravene the RNSWCC Articles of Association and, if so, may result in disciplinary action as set out in Article 18(a) & (b)(i) to (v), which reads as follows:-


Disciplining of Members

18.(a) A member shall strictly observe and act in conformity with and not otherwise than in accordance with the Articles and Regulations of RNSWCC.

 (b)without limiting (a), a member must not engage in any conduct that could reasonably be considered to be:

  • dishonest, malicious, vexatious, or scandalous or contrary to law,
  • discreditable to the member concerned or any other member,
  • prejudicial or injurious, or tending to prejudice or injure any person interested in canine affairs,
  • prejudicial or injurious, or tending to prejudice or injure, the interests, image or standing of RNSWCC, or
  • contrary to the spirit and intent of the articles, regulations, or any code, resolution, policy or direction of RNSWCC or any committee.
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FCI Podcast: Genomic Chip - How does it Work and Help?


What are the available DNA-testing tools for dog breeding to improve health matters?
What is a genomic chip? How does it work? What are its limitations? How can one implement test results in everyday life of responsible breeding?

This episode of The FCI Podcast with Dr Sára Sándor gives answers to all these questions!

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DOGS SA Executive Officer advertisement


Dogs SA is seeking interest in applicants for the position of Executive Officer. Please click here for the position description. 

Applications close Monday, 20 December 2021.

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NSW Department of Primary Industries - Community Feedback


The NSW Department of Primary Industries (NSW DPI) is seeking community feedback on how we regulate breeders, in response to increased reports of puppy factory activity driven in part by unprecedented demand for pets during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Consultation Paper: Licensing and regulation of cat and dog breeders proposes to introduce a dog breeder licensing scheme and seeks feedback on which dog breeders should be required to obtain a licence.

The key principles of the proposed licensing scheme are that it should be easy to understand, that costs should be proportionate, and that it should minimise unintended consequences.

The Consultation Paper also seeks feedback on whether some cat and dog breeders should be exempt from the requirements of the Breeding Code.

Feedback received on the Consultation Paper will be used to inform the development of a dog breeder licensing scheme.

The Consultation Paper is open to public feedback from 16 November to 31 December 2021.

You can make a submission:

Further information can be found here on the Department of Primary Industries website.

* Please note that DOGS NSW will be engaging its members in its response to the DPI Community Feedback, by consulting with its members via a survey, which will be made available shortly.
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