DOGS NSW is serious when it comes to promoting the needs of its members within the membership as well as servicing the community. Together with the Members volunteer Marketing and Events Committee, the DOGS NSW Marketing staff research and implement new avenues to promote our sport and services.

Do you attend community events?

Yes! DOGS NSW are proud to promote the services of the organisation at council days, community pet days and pet expos. Of course, we would like to attend all of them across NSW however, DOGS NSW has over 1000 affiliated show events every year that we also attend and promote.

So if you would like us to attend your community event, let us know well in advance and we will try and be there to promote responsible dog ownership.

If you come to my council's pet day or event, what does DOGS NSW do?

Being an organisation that promotes responsible dog ownership and the breeding of registered purebred dogs, we would provide information on these areas and many other helpful facts to assist dog owners.

DOGS NSW has approximately 190 registered purebred dog breeds, and the promotions team on the day will have information on them all! Information such as each breed's standard, characteristics and suited environments. We can also provide information on dogs and allergies and Agility and Obedience clubs.

Our volunteers on the day are breeders or professional exhibitors who can assist in providing information regarding suitable breeds to suit you and your environment.

Once you have discussed possible breed choices, our promotional staff will provide you with contact details of breeders for your chosen breeds. We can also do stage displays, breed pageants and many other interactive activities to promote responsible dog ownership and training.

How do I arrange for DOGS NSW to come to my event?

We are always out and about. If you would like us to attend your community event email us an invitation. We will review our possibilities and get back to you. We need at least 5 months' notice with big events.