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The ANKC is changing!

All over Australia, there are more than 32,000 of us committed to creating the best lives for dogs. It doesn’t matter if you are a breeder, part of a breed club, rehome and rescue, building incredible bonds through dog sports, or a supportive member. What unites us is our love of dogs.
The ANKC is changing the way we communicate to dog lovers around Australia. Join ANKC Chairman Hugh Gent OAM along with the Board of Directors for a streamed presentation. Together, they will share a new direction for the ANKC and how working together will transform us.
To watch the stream on Sunday, October 24, register at:

Are you ready to unite the dogs of Australia?

Click here to watch the video.


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Puppy Scammers


Sadly it has become more and more apparent over the past few months that puppy scammers are out there in large numbers scamming thousands of dollars from unsuspecting, prospective and often naive people each month.

It is understood that as soon as one scammer site is reported and shut down, another site opens.

If, or when a person contacts you please, even if you don’t have a litter or are planning to breed, please alert people to scammers and that they they need to be mindful and on guard when contacting people advertising puppies for sale. The scam sites have wonderful photos of delightful puppies and paint glowing pictures to the uninitiated, unsuspecting potential puppy owner.

Please refer people to a DOGS NSW breed club, who have members that can provide guidance and direct them to DOGS NSW accredited breeders. Tell them to ask questions, speak to people - not just send texts or emails.

It really is the buyer, not knowing any better, falling for these scams. We have an obligation as responsible dog lovers, members and breeders to guide and educate people in how to tell the difference between a scammer (who in reality is a criminal) and a real registered breeder.

Importantly, if you become aware of a scammer you can report them to:


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FCI Circular 45/2021 - Appendix to the Studbook (Magyar Ebtenyésztok Országos Egyesületeinek Szövetsége)


The Magyar Ebtenyésztok Országos Egyesületeinek Szövetsége (MEOE) would like to inform the FCI members and contract partners about the initials of its appendix to the studbook.

The updated list of studbooks and appendix initials can be viewed here and is available at any time on the FCI website under Frequently Asked Questions 4.

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Notices from FCI


The Slovenska Kynologicka Jednota (SKJ) informs the FCI members and contract partners that Mr Sergej VANZHA (SK1) has been suspended as international show judge, for a period of 5 years, from 1/09/2021 until 31/08/2026. The FCI Judges Directory has also been updated by the SKJ accordingly.

The Asociaţia Chinologică Română (AChR) informs the FCI members and contract partners that Mrs Cristina EPURAS (RO38) has been suspended as international show judge, for a period of 2 years, from 8/09/2021 until 7/09/2023. The FCI Judges Directory has also been updated by the AChR accordingly.


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DOGS NSW Closed Every Friday during Lockdown


Effective from 17 September, the Office will be closed every Friday whilst lockdowns continue. The Office is receiving an average of 35% reduction in workload and cannot justify remaining open for 5 days a week.

We expect to continue the 4 day turnaround (plus postage) of applications.  When lockdowns are lifted, the Office will return to normal operations, hopefully towards the end of October.

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2021 National Show - Rottweiler Club of Queensland  RESCHEDULED TO 2022


The National Show, which was to be held on 13 to 16 September 2021, by the Rottweiler Club of Queensland at Dogs Queensland Showgrounds, 247 King Avenue, Durack, Queensland has been rescheduled to now take place on 27 to 30 June 2022 at the same venue.  This change is due to the ongoing Covid-19 restrictions.

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Cancellation: NSW State Obedience Titles


It is unfortunate that the DOGS NSW State Obedience Titles that were scheduled for Monday of the Long Weekend, 4 October, has been cancelled for 2021.

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Transporting Puppies during COVID


The following information has been provided by the Department of Primary Industries/Quarantine Division in respect of the rules relating to transport of puppies during COVID:-

During this difficult time, you should consider if your worker travel is critical and if it can be delayed.

NSW Police are actively enforcing operation Stay at Home, so you will be required to provide evidence of your residential address and evidence why you are travelling for work. It will be your responsibility to demonstrate to Authorities why your travel is required and, in some cases, you may be required to travel with a permit.

Everyone has a responsibility to minimise all movements as much as possible. Only move you or your agribusiness workers if it is absolutely required.

For Breeders

The National Agriculture Code lists the below Industry associates as Essential workers:-
• Animal saleyards, knackeries and animal transportation services (including livestock and pets)

For this reason, you are allowed to travel, however, we would ask that during this critical period and the State-wide lockdown, if you can postpone travel, then please do so.

You MUST comply with all travel/permit requirements, based on your journey origin and destination. For further information and to apply go to Register to travel to regional NSW | Service NSW.

If it is critical to undertake the work, then travel with evidence as to where you are travelling to and why, should Police ask for documents and evidence for your travel. You should take the most direct route and only stop for essential reasons such as fuel, rest breaks, meal breaks or if there is an emergency. You will be required to wear a mask indoors and outdoors and you should have a COVID Business Safety Plan.

For People Purchasing Pets:

All residents of NSW currently who leave their residence to adopt a pet have a ‘reasonable excuse’ to do so if they comply with applicable conditions. These depend on where they live.

A resident of Greater Sydney (who does not live in a declared area)
Clause 20(2) of the PHO allows (provides a reasonable excuse for) a resident of Greater Sydney who does not live in a declared area to leave their residence to obtain a pet (a good) for their household needs or a service for their pet needs in the following circumstances:-

1. It is obtained “locally” (ie, in same LGA, or in another LGA where the destination is <5kms away); or
2. It is obtained elsewhere (ie, not locally) if it is not reasonably available “locally”.

A resident of Regional NSW
Clause 24F of the PHO allows (provides a reasonable excuse for) a resident of Regional NSW to leave their residence to obtain a pet (a good) for their household or a service for their pet needs in the same circumstances that apply to residents of Greater Sydney.

A resident of declared area (ie, a declared part of Greater Sydney)
Clause 24EB of the PHO allows (provides a reasonable excuse for) a resident of declared area (ie, designated parts of Greater Sydney) to leave their residence to obtain a pet (a good) for their household needs or a service for their pet:-

If it is obtained:-

1. from within 5 kilometres of the place of residence, or
2. if they are not reasonably available in the 5 kilometre radius—from another place in the declared area, or
3. if they are not reasonably available in the declared area—from the closest place in Greater Sydney to the place of residence that they are available.

If travelling into an LGA of Concern in the Greater Sydney Area as a breeder, you will be required to obtain a permit to enter these areas from Saturday 28th August. Permits are available on the Service NSW website

This information is based on the rules as at the time of response. All individuals must regularly check the public health orders to ensure they understand their obligations. For further information, visit COVID-19 rules | NSW Government.

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A Message from the NSW Chief Animal Welfare Officer - Animal Welfare Code of Practice- Breeding dogs and cats



The NSW Government has updated the Animal Welfare Code of Practice – Breeding dogs and cats. The updates are common-sense changes which are designed to ensure that everyone who is covered by the Code can understand and follow the Code requirements and guidance.

The key updates relate to requirements around enclosure fence heights, vaccination requirements and mating ages. We have also updated terminology within the Code to made it easier to understand. A full summary of the changes can be found on the DPI website along with the revised Breeding Code.

To ensure the updates are fit for purpose, we have worked with key stakeholder groups, including Animal Care Australia, Master Dog Breeders Association, Australian Federation of Livestock Working Dogs, Dogs NSW, NSW Farmers, Australian National Cats Inc., Cats NSW, and the NSW Cat Fanciers Association. The animal welfare enforcement agencies – the RSPCA NSW, the Animal Welfare League NSW and the NSW Police - were also consulted and the updated Code has been endorsed by the NSW Animal Welfare Advisory Council.

The NSW Government is continuing to reform NSW animal laws in consultation with stakeholders and the community. To have your say and help set the direction for animal welfare policy in this state, visit our website and make a submission by 17 September 2021.

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DOGS NSW Regional Grants Applications Now Open!


At its recent meeting, the Board of Directors resolved to approve the Regional Grant Application Form submitted by the Finance Committee.

The instructions and eligibility criteria for applying are included in the application form.

The closing date for applications is 30 November 2021.

All applications should be submitted via the relevant Regional Director. Please click here to download the Application Form.

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