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DOGS NSW magazine

Advertise in DOGS NSW magazine, the state’s award-winning publication on purebred dogs. To find out more, please contact Kerry Christofi on or 02 9834 0217 at DOGS NSW for a Media Kit and to discuss advertising options.

Why advertise with DOGS NSW?

  • DOGS NSW is distributed to all 11,000 members of the Royal NSW Canine Council Ltd.
  • DOGS NSW is the largest pure breed organisation in Australia.
  • More than 25,000 new dogs are registered with DOGS NSW every year.
  • $1.17 billion each year is spent on dogs in Australia.
  • One in three dog care dollars are spent in NSW.
  • There are 182 dogs for every 1000 people in Australia.

2022 Media Kits for Advertising

2022 Media Kits for advertising including: Commercial, Member/Commercial and Member are now available.

Advertising rates are GST inclusive and prices include artwork design.

2022 DOGS NSW Member Media Kit
These rates are for DOGS NSW members only and are reserved for breeder advertisements only.

2022 DOGS NSW Member Commercial Media Kit
These rates are for members who wish to advertise their businesses.

2022 DOGS NSW Commercial Media Kit
These rates are for companies who wish to advertise their businesses and non members.

 To advertise contact or call (02) 9834 3022

Breeders Directory

Target 11,000 potential dog buyers a month with cost-effective advertising on the DOGS NSW website's Breeders Directory. It’s a great opportunity for breeders to advertise litters, dogs and bitches for sale.

If you are an existing DOGS NSW member and breeder, you can create your own advertisement in our online breeders directory by registering online here.