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NSW GOVT Legislation Update for Submission of Annual Reports & conducting AGM'S via ZOOM

The NSW Government has amended the COVID-19 legislation to allow for extensions to annual reporting, conduct of meetings via electronic methods and electronic voting as follows:-

Financial reporting requirements
Associations do not have to apply for a formal extension of time in order to conduct their 2020 AGM or to present their 2020 financial statements to members at their 2021 AGM.

If an association is unable to hold its 2021 AGM within six months after the end of its financial year or is unable to submit the required annual summary/ies of financial affairs within one month of the AGM, it will need to apply for an extension of time by lodging Form A11 and pay the prescribed fee. This fee will be waived if the extension of time is required due to COVID-19 circumstances.

Use of technology
Until 31 March 2022, associations may conduct committee meetings and general meetings using technology even if this isn’t stipulated in their constitutions.

Members must still be able to participate for an association to use technology, such as Zoom or Skype meetings.

Until 31 March 2022 associations may also pass ordinary and special resolutions by either postal or electronic ballot even if this isn’t currently stipulated in their constitution.

The postal or electronic ballot must be conducted in accordance with Schedule 3 of the Associations Incorporation Regulation 2016.

Additional information can be viewed by clicking here.
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2021 RNSWCC Board Elections - Results


The RNSWCC Board Elections were finalised on Saturday, 21st August and below are the results for each region:

Metropolitan Region

L Brown              226
A McIlrath           329         ELECTED

Illawarra & South-East Region

R Britten              119
K Charnock         253         ELECTED

Hunter Region

M Arthur             136
G Vernon            205         ELECTED

Southern Region

S Mills                 67         ELECTED
L Warren-Powell   50

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DOGS NSW Media & Government Legislation Committee Submission to DPI


The Animal Welfare Reform discussion paper is out and submissions can be made to the DPI. DOGS NSW has put forward a submission from the Media & Government Legislation Committee, which has been approved by the Board and will be going forward to the DPI before the closing date of 3 September 2021.

Our submission is going directly off the Discussion paper questions. There is another Consultation survey which asks slightly different questions that is also available on the DPI website. Click here to view. Read through the paper and have your say.

A copy of DOGS NSW Response submission to the Animal Welfare Reform Discussion Paper can be viewed here. Please read in conjunction with the NSW Animal Welfare Reform Discussion Paper which can also be viewed by clicking here.

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2022 National Show/Restricted Trials : German Shorthaired Pointer Society (NSW) Inc - CANCELLATION


The German Shorthaired Pointer Society (NSW) Inc have advised DOGS NSW that they will not be proceeding with hosting the 2022 National Show/Restricted Trials, which was scheduled to take place on 6 to 8 April 2022 at DOGS NSW Showgrounds at Orchard Hills NSW; and the German Shorthaired Pointer Club of SA Inc has agreed to host this event.  Approval for the German Shorthaired Pointer Club of SA Inc will be circulated in due course.


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National Show Application: Chihuahua Club of SA - CANCELLATION


Dogs SA has advised that the National Show, to be held by the Chihuahua Club of SA, on 30 & 31 May, 2022 at David Roche Park, Cromwell Road, Kilburn, South Australia has been cancelled due to the ongoing Covid-19 restrictions.

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The first National Tick Awareness Month for Pets launches in Australia


On 1 August Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health announced the launch of an Australian first – National Tick Awareness Month for Pets. Timed to coincide with the beginning of the highest risk period for paralysis ticks (spring and early summer), National Tick Awareness Month for Pets will shine a spotlight on the dangers of paralysis ticks and call on dog owners to be compliant with tick control.

Despite the widespread impact of paralysis ticks on Australian pets, pet owners remain largely in the dark – a survey showed that only 53% of owners living in paralysis tick zones, and 41% of owners living in non-paralysis tick zones , were currently protecting their dog with an effective tick control product like NexGard® or NexGard SPECTRA®.

According to Andrew Palmer, Head of Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health Australia, National Tick Awareness Month for Pets is an opportunity to an initiate a conversation with pet owners on the importance of tick control, including among those who like to travel with their dogs.

“Cases of tick paralysis can occur at any time of year. What concerns us is just over half of dog owners living in a paralysis tick area are staying on top of tick control,” Palmer said.

“The aim is that National Tick Awareness Month for Pets will better educate pet owners, including those who live outside paralysis tick zones, on the dangers of paralysis ticks – after all, ticks do not discriminate, and dogs who travel with their owners to paralysis tick zones, are at risk too.”

In 2016, Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health supported the formation of the Australian Paralysis Tick Advisory Panel. The panel seeks to close the gap in understanding of the dangers of paralysis ticks, by conducting and reviewing scientific research and developing guidelines on the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of tick paralysis in pets.

Dr Ellie Leister, a specialist in Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care, is one of nine members of the Australian Paralysis Tick Advisory Panel. Dr Leister has been studying the impact of the launch of the isoxazoline class of parasiticides, such as NexGard® and NexGard SPECTRA®, on tick paralysis in pets.

Dr Leister and her resident, Dr Emily Ireland, performed a search of hospital records for tick paralysis cases presenting to two Animal Emergency Services clinics in Queensland, with 10,914 cases of tick paralysis in dogs being diagnosed between March 2008 and March 2021.

“Our research shows that since 2015, when the new isoxazoline class of tick control products became widely available, there has been almost a 50% reduction in the number of cases of tick paralysis presenting to veterinary clinics,” Dr Leister said.

Given it is estimated that less than half of pet owners in these regions are compliant with tick control, a nearly 50% drop in case numbers is a remarkable demonstration of the effect this innovation has had on animal wellbeing.

“From reviewing information on the distribution and seasonality of ticks, the panel has reached a consensus: protecting pets from ticks only during the higher-risk warmer months is not enough. The panel recommends the year-round use of isoxazoline tick control products for all dogs and cats that are living in, or travelling to, known paralysis tick regions,” Dr Leister continued.

The Australian Paralysis Tick Advisory Panel have produced updated guidelines for veterinary clinics, which include advice on the management of the complicated patient, an approach to ongoing monitoring of tick paralysis cases and a diagnostic approach to suspected tick paralysis cases. New to the guidelines is a section on critical care, incorporating best practice fluid therapy, oxygen supplementation and sedation protocols.

For access to resources developed by the Australian Paralysis Tick Advisory Panel, visit

For more information on National Tick Awareness Month for Pets, including how to best protect dogs from ticks, fleas, mites, heartworm and intestinal worms, visit

Click here to download a location of paralysis, brown and bush ticks on the Australian map. Click here for tips to check your pet for ticks.

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DOGS NSW Office Arrangements


In consideration of the new restrictions that came into place from 5.00pm yesterday, which affects the Penrith LGA, staff will be working from home so that the Office can remain functional, however, there may be a slight delay in services.

We thank you for your patience and understanding during this time of lockdown and COVID restrictions.

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Cancellation of Hunter Region Shows due to COVID-19 Restrictions


Due to today's NSW Government's COVID lockdown restriction announcement for NSW's Hunter, Upper Hunter and Lake Macquarie regions, which will become effective from 5.00pm today, all shows held in the nominated lockdown areas, ie, Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, Maitland, Port Stephens, Cessnock, Dungog, Singleton and Muswellbrook,  have been cancelled.

The lockdown is expected to last until next Thursday, 12 August, however members will be notified of any changes as information comes to hand.

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DOGS NSW Media & Government Legislation Committee Member Survey


The DOGS NSW Media & Government Legislation Committee (MGL) is seeking members opinions on the difference between  a Commercial and Hobby Breeder. They have produced a survey which takes very little time to complete. Please click here to complete the survey.

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ANKC Ltd Canine Hip & Elbow Dysplasia Report Submission Form : Amendment


In accordance with Item 4.2.4 of the June 2021 Special Board meeting minutes, the ANKC Ltd Canine Hip & Elbow Dysplasia Report Submission Form has been amended to include a check box, confirming that the dog has not previously been scored under the ANKC Ltd Canine Hip & Elbow Dysplasia Scheme.

Click here to view the updated form, which is also available from the ANKC website, along with further information.

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