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Canine Cancer
The Dog Clinic
Pets and COVID 19

Australian Canine Controlling Bodies

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Animal Welfare

Animal Welfare Code of Practice - Breeding dogs and cats 
Animal Welfare Code of Practice - Animals in pet shops
NSW Code of Practice No 1 - Companion Animal Transport Agencies
NSW Code of Practice No 9 - Security Dogs
NSW Animal Welfare Code of Practice No 5 - Dogs and Cats in Animal Boarding Establishments
NSW Animal Welfare Code of Practice No 8 - Animals in Pet Grooming Establishments
Department of Primary Industries - Selling or Giving Away a cat or Dog

Special interest

123 Foods that Dogs can and Can't Eat - The Definitive Guide
100 Dog Behaviours you must know!
37 Common Plants Poisonous for Dogs
Agility Dog Club of NSW
Best Cat Breeds for Dogs
RFS Bushfire Survival Plan
Caravanning or Camping with your dogs 
Crufts Dog Show
Detector Dogs
Dog Embassy
Urban Animal
Delta Society
Dog Age Calculator
Dog Friendly Destination Guide
Dog News Australia
Dog Products and Accessories in Australia
Dogz Online
Easy Dog Entries
Evolution of Puppy Dog Eyes
Flyball Association
Here's what Scotland's dogs looked like 4,500 years ago
House Moving Guide for Pets
How did dogs get to be dogs?
How Much Exercise does a Dog need every day
How to Choose the Best Exercise for your Dog
How to get your Home Ready for your First Pet
How to Help your Animals in Bushfires
How to Spot the Signs of Poisoning in Dogs and how to React
How to stop  dog urine from damaging your grass
How young is too young for a family pet?
Hypoallergenic Dogs
Keeping Kids Safe with Pets and Animals
Lost Dogs
No Contact Vet Visits: 5 things you should know
Oz Entries - Enter Shows Online
Pet Care Planning for Older Dog Owners
Perfect Pets
Pet Friendly Caravan Parks
Pet Friendly Travelling - Tips for Preparing for a Road Trip
Pet Rescue
Pet Talk Radio
Petnet (Select-a-pet)
Pets and Children: The Impact of Pet Ownership in Childhood Development
Pets & COVID-19 Risk
Puppy Scams & Breeder Identity Theft
Report a Puppy Scammer
Retrieving Australia 
Scam Alert & Pet Scam List 2023
Sport & Recreation Benefits to your Pet
The Pet Directory
The Ultimate Pet-Friendly (Back) Yard for Dogs Guide
Top Dog Beaches in New South Wales
Lists of Toxic and Non-Toxic Plants for Dogs
Ultimate Guide to Dog Care from Puppy to Senior
Ultimate Pet Friendly Backyard for Dogs Guide
Understanding Comparative Oncology

Overseas Canine Associations

American Kennel Club
Japan Kennel Club
Kennel Club of Finland
New Zealand Kennel Club
UK Kennel Club/Crufts
The Fédération Cynologique Internationale (World Canine Organisation)