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DOGS NSW Magazine is the official magazine published by DOGS NSW on all matters canine. Produced monthly for our members it features all the latest dog news, events and in-depth articles covering canine health, behaviour, nutrition, well being and breeding.

Latest Edition

Spotlight Feature:

Basset Fauve de Bretagne

“The Basset Fauve de Bretagne is almost a “wash-and-wear” dog, with a coarse, wiry coat that repels dirt and resists matting. Because of this breed’s intelligence, mental stimulation is as important as physical exercise.” - American Kennel club.

Also in this edition:

  • 25 & 50 year members
  • Book Reviews + Giveaway
  • Breeders Directory
  • Coverage of DOGS NSW State Obedience Titles
  • Editor's report
  • Feature: Canine First Aid - Choking - Joanne Bibby reports
  • From the Chairman
  • News
    * NSW Court delivers landmark ruling for Pet owners in units.
    * The Dobermann Club of NSW's Breed Information Day.
  • Puppy Competition
  • Vale: Alan Candlish - written by Ernie Sparham
  • Vet Chat Feature: Understanding Legg Calve Perthe's Disease
  • Win a year's worth 'Reusable Face Masks' Competition!


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Upcoming Breed Features

The next breed feature appearing in the February 2021 edition is the Chesapeake Bay Retriever. To view upcoming breed features for 2021 please click here.


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