Puppy competition

Every month we pick a "Puppy of the month" and the winner receives a year's free DOGS NSW membership, a copy of Dr Karen Hedberg's book, 'The Dog Owner's Manual', plus
ROYAL CANIN® products.

This month's winner

Congratulations to 'Whyto,' our September 2022 Puppy Winner!

Puppy's owner:
Greta de Vries

German Shepherd Dog (LSC)

My puppy's favourite sleeping place:
Sleeping on her back with tummy cooling off, or in the dirt. 

My puppy's favourite trick is:
Looking up at you with those eyes looking so innocent.

My puppy is the best because:
She fills you with happiness with the quirky things she does.

Please click here to read more about German Shepherd Dogs (LSC).

How to enter

Simply email to: info@dogsnsw.org.au  a picture of your puppy along with answers to the questions below (please also include a contact number).

  • Name of your puppy
  • Breed
  • Your Full Name 
  • Your postal and email addresses
  • Your social media handles
  • DOGS NSW Membership number (if a member)
  • Your puppy's favourite sleeping place
  • Your puppy's favourite trick, such as sit, paw wave etc
  • Why your puppy is the best - in no more than 10 words

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