Puppy competition

Every month we pick a "Puppy of the month" and the winner receives a year's free DOGS NSW membership, which includes 12 monthly DOGS NSW magazines, a pet goody bag donated by Love'em and Oakwood puppy products.

This month's winner

Congratulations to Clifford our October 2018 winner


Puppy's owner:

Labrador Retriever  

My puppy's favourite sleeping place:
Snuggled up with the family on the white leather couch.

My puppy's favourite trick is:
Standing on two feet when we say “up”.

My puppy is the best because:
He calms the whole family and makes us complete. complete! Best decision ever. I never thought I could love a pet so much- truly!

How to enter

Simply email us a picture of your puppy along with answers to the questions below (please also include a contact number). Cutest entry wins!

  • Name of your puppy
  • Breed
  • Your puppy's favourite sleeping place
  • Your puppy's favourite trick, such as sit, paw wave etc
  • Why your puppy is the best - in no more than 10 words

Puppy of the Month sponsors

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