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DOGS NSW Orchard Hills Grounds Closure

5 October 2022

Regrettably, the decision has been made to close the Grounds at Orchard Hills due to the wet weather expected over the coming days and weekend.

As a result, the shows scheduled to be held at Orchard Hills for Saturday and Sunday will need to be cancelled or rescheduled. Please contact your Show Organisers for more information. Clubs will be issued refunds for grounds and rings hire as well as people that have booked camping.

DOGS NSW apologises for any inconvenience. Members will be notified of further updates as they become available.

DOGS NSW Obedience State Titles - CANCELLED!

29 September 2022
Regrettably, the Obedience State Titles scheduled to be held at Orchard Hills this weekend, have been cancelled due to the poor condition of the GSDL rings.
DOGS NSW and the Organising Committee apologise for any inconvenience this has caused.

Shows scheduled to be held on the main rings will still go ahead as planned. Attendees are reminded to take care when parking on soft surfaces and also when walking or running with your dogs in and around the rings.


Approval of National Show Application
German Shorthaired Pointer Club of South Australia Inc

25 August 2022
Dogs Australia are pleased to advise the approval of the application received from the German Shorthaired Pointer Club of SA Inc via Dogs SA to conduct a National Show on the 28 to 30 August 2023 at David Roche Park, Cromwell Road, Kilburn, South Australia.  The Royal Agricultural and Horticultural Society of South Australia has confirmed these dates will not clash with the breed judging at the 2023 Royal Adelaide Show.

Change of Venue - for 2024 National Show - Cocker Spaniel Society of NSW

24 August 2022
The Cocker Spaniel Society of NSW will conduct a National Show on the 25 & 26 May 2024 at Hawkesbury Showgrounds, Racecourse Road, Clarendon.

Stewards Electronic Tablets Now Available for Hire

24 August 2022
DOGS NSW are very pleased to inform Club Secretaries and Committees, that DOGS NSW now have Android electronic tablets available to hire for use by their Stewards. These suit any shows utilising Show Manager or Easy Dogs Australia as their online provider, and, when coupled with the DOGS NSW Wi-Fi network, show results can be automatically fed into the show records without any manual catalogue marking requirements whatsoever. It will, of course, also be applicable to other online entry providers, as and when, they bring Steward modules online.

The tablets can be booked through the DOGS NSW booking system at $5 each per day and comes with an optional extended battery and heavy duty case. They can also be hired for use at other grounds, but pick-up and return is naturally at the DOGS NSW office. If using elsewhere, you would also need to make your own Wi-Fi arrangements.

For more information, please email  

Attention Clubs - Stationery Orders

17 August 2022
Clubs are reminded that Stationery Orders submitted to the DOGS NSW Office will only be dispatched once payment has been made in full.
To ensure we have sufficient stock for your order, and to allow for additional stock to be ordered and printed, stationery orders need to be ordered 21 business days in advance. Urgent orders of 200 or more certificates received under 21 business days, may incur an $85.00 express processing fee.  Any changes to orders once packed will incur a 20% restocking fee of the order total. The updated stationery form can be downloaded by clicking here.

Volunteers wanted for Online Club Annual Return Testing

17 August 2022
DOGS NSW Office is seeking up to six Clubs as volunteers to test the new online annual return reporting portal. You will be required to enter your latest annual report via the new online portal and provide feedback about any issues that you may encounter during the process or improvements that you may like.  We anticipate that the testing will be a maximum of thirty minutes. If you are interested in participating in this trial, please email Melissa Fairbanks at


Show Restrictions due to Nationals

28 July 2022
Please be advised that the Shows listed in the following table will have restrictions due to Nationals being held. Please click here to view.


Orchard Hills Grounds Closed!

1 July 2022
Regrettably the decision has been made to close the Grounds at Orchard Hills due to the wet weather expected over the weekend.

The Weather Bureau has predicted upwards of 60mm of rain on both Saturday and Sunday. As a result, the shows scheduled for Saturday and Sunday have been cancelled.

DOGS NSW apologises for any inconvenience. Members will be notified of further updates as they become available.


2022 National Show: Basset Hound Club of Victoria Inc  RESCHEDULED TO 2023 DUE TO COVID-19

29 June 2022
As a result of the ongoing impact of COVID-19, the National Show to be held by the Basset Hound Club of Victoria Inc on the 28 October 2022 at KCC Park, Skye, Victoria has been rescheduled to now take place on 3 November 2023 at the same venue.


2023 National Show : Beagle Club of Queensland Inc

29 June 2022
We are pleased to advise that the Beagle Club of Queensland Inc is to conduct the 2023 National Show on the 11 to 13 August 2023 at the Dogs Queensland Showgrounds, 247 King Avenue, Queensland.  The Royal National Agricultural & Industrial Association of Queensland (RNA) has confirmed these dates will not clash with the breed judging at the 2023 Brisbane Royal Show (EKKA).

Seeking Breed Clubs to attend Sydney Dog Lovers Show

29 June 2022

Dog Lovers Show bounds back to Sydney on Saturday 6 and Sunday 7 August at the Sydney Showground.

We are expecting a sold-out event so don’t miss out on the chance to promote your breed to thousands of prospective dog lovers in our popular Breed Showcase proudly sponsored by

It’s a rare opportunity to reach thousands of dog owners, drive new business to your breeder members and network with leading suppliers throughout the pet industry.

We’ve packed together the biggest and best event ever with more dogs, more action-packed, K9-inspired entertainment and an array of new attractions to celebrate our Best Friends. The Outdoor Area will amaze visitors with talented working dogs as they perform in the Sheepdog Speed Trials, Extreme High Jump Showcase and Dog Sled / Weight Pull Trials.

The Black Hawk DockDogs Pool in the famous 'Wood Chop' Arena is back with more exhilarating K9 action including Big Air, Speed Retrieve & Extreme Vertical competitions!

PETstock Stage will feature a fantastic line-up with some of our favourite TV vets including Dr Chris Brown and Dr Katrina Warren, Lara Shannon from Channel 10’s Pooches at Play, Kelly Gill, Rose Horton and for the first time the ‘Fur Stars of Instagram’ will strut their stuff on the Petstock Stage for their adoring fans.

Only 3 free Breed Showcase stands are now available for DOGS NSW registered breeders to take part and we provide your carpet, back & side walls, fascia signage with your Breed Club name, power and lighting for two days plus your website listing and two car park passes per day!  

Click here to view full details and submit your Booking Form now.

Attention: Club / Show Secretaries - Complaints received at a Show

Club/Show Secretaries please note that when a complaint is received at a show, the complainant is required to complete the DOGS NSW Complaint Lodgement Form.

The form should be completed in accordance with DOGS NSW Complaints Procedure, which accompanies the complaint form referred to above, and MUST specifically state the Regulation they allege the member is in breach of.  The complaint should also be accompanied by the DOGS NSW Representative Report and the marked catalogue (if relevant).

Your attention is also drawn to the requirements for submitting a complaint received at a show which are detailed in DOGS NSW Regulations Part II-Show, Clauses 16.4 to 16.6, which read as follows:-
16.4    A complaint alleging a breach of Regulation 16.1 shall be made to the Show Secretary at the show, shall be in writing and, if not made by an official of the Show, shall be accompanied by a lodgement fee of $150 payable to DOGS NSW. (05/11)
16.5    The Show Secretary shall, within 7 days of receipt of a complaint referred to in Regulation 16.4 or becoming aware of a contravention of Regulation 16.1, forward details thereof to the DOGS NSW Secretary, together with all documents received together with the applicable lodgement fee. (05/11)
16.6    A complaint not lodged in accordance with Clauses 16.4 and 16.5 will not be accepted by DOGS NSW unless received within 14 days of the event giving rise to the complaint and accompanied by a late fee of $100, in addition to the applicable lodgement fee of $150. The DOGS NSW Secretary may waive either or both of the original lodgement fee and the late fee upon receipt of a reasonable and acceptable explanation. (05/11)

The full Regulations in relation to complaints at a show can be found under DOGS NSW Regulations Part II-Show, Section 16:  Misconduct, by clicking here.

National Show/Restricted Trial - German Shepherd Dog League NSW Inc - CHANGE OF VENUE


Attention: Club/Show Secretaries - Complaints received at a Show
Please note a change of venue for the National Show/Restricted Obedience Trial to be held by the German Shepherd Dog League NSW Inc on 3 to 5 June 2022, will now take place at the Hawkesbury Showgrounds, Racecourse Road, Clarendon, New South Wales. This venue is instead of DOGS NSW Showgrounds at Orchard Hills, which is currently unsuitable due to ongoing weather conditions.

Attention: Exhibitors/Club Secretaries - Changes for Easter


Please click the following links to view a spreadsheet with the recent changes to all the Shows/Trials at DOGS NSW Grounds which have been affected by the recent closure, due to wet weather:

This is colour coded, so, to assist in your search:

  • Red is cancelled
  • Yellow is postponing, pending DOGS NSW Show Committee
  • Green is not advised of any changes.

If your Club have not advised the office of your change of venue, this needs to be done as soon as possible. If you have notified the office but have not yet received approval, these will be sent once approval has been given by the Show Committee and the calendar will be updated accordingly.


Immediate Closure of Orchard Hills Grounds & Scheduled Easter Shows


The severe weather over the last few days has again flooded the DOGS NSW grounds at Orchard Hills and there is more rain predicted over the next 7 days. As the grounds are unsafe for use, regrettably, we have had to close the grounds, which will impact shows scheduled over Easter, including camping bookings.

If you are entered into a Show that was scheduled to be held at Orchard Hills, please contact the Club holding the show for further information, as they may have moved, postponed, or cancelled their show.

The Office is open and bookings for meeting rooms are not affected at this stage. Unfortunately, general exercising of dogs on the grounds is currently not permitted.

Entry to Luddenham Road, from Mamre Road is currently closed, due to flooding over the road and access to the Office is only available, at present, via Elizabeth Drive.

DOGS NSW apologises for any inconvenience.





Your attention is drawn to DOGS NSW Regulation Part II-Show, Clause 4.2, and the need to comply with same when planning shows.  There was a temporary relaxation of the rule due to COVID related issues and the need to recommence shows, however, from 1 March 2022, Clause 4.2, which reads as follows, will be enforced:-


4.2     Except as otherwise from time to time determined by the Board of Directors, either generally or in any specific case, an application for the approval of a Show shall be lodged with the DOGS NSW Secretary at least four (4) calendar months before the commencing day of such show.


Additionally, Clauses 4.2A and 4.3, which read as follows, also refer:-


4.2A  No approval will be given to an application for a show which has not been lodged, or does not fully comply with the requirement of Regulation 4.1, at least three (3) months before the proposed commencing day of the show without the approval of the Board of Directors.


The Board, at its discretion, may impose a fine in addition to any other fees incurred.


4.3     A date which has been fixed for the holding of a Recognised Show and which has been approved by the Board of Directors shall not be altered without the consent of the Board of Directors provided that such date shall not be postponed for more than one (1) month and any cancellation must be notified in writing to DOGS NSW. 




The DOGS NSW Executive Committee has resolved that, due to the recent extreme weather and flooding of the German Shepherd Dog League area, those grounds will be closed until further notice.
The Wollongong Dog Sports Club Agility Trial on Friday night and the DOGS NSW Agility Committee Fundraiser Agility Trial on the Saturday have been cancelled.  Any rescheduling of these events will be advised in due course.
DOGS NSW apologises for the inconvenience, however, member and dog safety is considered paramount.

Requirements of NSW Government Guidelines for COVID Safe Plans


The DOGS NSW Show Committee would like to remind all Club and Committee Secretaries that the current NSW Government Guidelines still stand until further notice.

The requirements are that Clubs and Committees must provide a current COVID Safe Plan plus a COVID Checklist for Secretaries, which outlines the requirements of Gate QR Check-ins and checking current vaccination status, ie, Clubs must provide a full roster of all persons checking the QR and double vaccination status at the gate. No Exemptions.

These forms can be found by clicking