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3 August 2023

Please be advised that the DOGS NSW grounds will be closed on Sunday 13 August 2023 from 6.30am whilst the Endurance Test is being conducted. During this time no vehicle may enter or exit the grounds. 

The grounds will be reopened at the completion of the test, which will be approximately midday.


26 July 2023

At its meeting in June 2022, the Dogs Australia Board of Directors resolved that certificates issued by State Member Bodies to those exhibits awarded in accordance with regulations pertaining to the various disciplines, no longer require the signature of the Judge but rather the printed name with the implementation date being at the discretion of the Member Body.

The Dogs Australia Executive Committee has confirmed that this decision applies to all certificates.


DOG LOVERS FESTIVAL - Saturday & Sunday 26 & 27 August 2023

3 May 2023

The Dog Lovers Festival is on again at the Sydney Showground on Saturday 26 and Sunday 27 August.  As a DOGS NSW member, we strongly encourage to take part in their highly popular Breed Showcase as we have again negotiated an opportunity to exhibit free of charge to promote your breed in front of 25,000+ dog lovers, many of whom are actively looking for their next pooch. 

The Breed Showcase is a great opportunity for visitors to see, compare and meet a wide range of breeds and provides all the information households need when considering the right dog for them.
No other event in Australia can provide your Breed Club with direct access to such a large and highly targeted audience and the organisers have made some exciting new improvements to make it a smoother, more valuable opportunity for Breed Clubs at the 2023 event.  

What’s new for the Breed Showcase in 2023?
  Digitally printed custom signage with images and information about your breed to promote your beautiful breed
  Dedicated rest area (2 metres x 1 metres) built into your stand for your dogs to rest privately
•  Furniture package including table, chairs and tablecloth.
•  Plus, you will still get all the other great inclusions already offered to members including dedicated website listing, your carpet, walls, lighting, fascia signage and power plus the opportunity to present on the Ask-A-Breeder Stage and take part in Pat-A-Pooch

Click here to download the detailed Breed Showcase Prospectus for full details.  

Limited stands are now available to Breed Clubs and these will be allocated on first in best-dressed basis so BOOK NOW! 

Click here to submit your application to exhibit.



DOGS ON SHOW - Saturday 17 June 2023

20 April 2023

Dogs on Show is back for 2023.... on Saturday 17 June 2023!
Whilst we can get the public, we really need DOGS NSW Clubs to attend to engage the public to learn more about their breeds and sporting activities.

If your club has different breeds, we are happy to accommodate these are well.

  • The allotted space is FREE and comes with a FREE trestle table and chairs.
  • Breed Club stands are automatically entered into the breed stall competition where cash prizes are awarded.
  • Breed Clubs can also partake in the Pageant of Breeds, which is a Fancy Dress competition with Cash Prizes awarded (costume best representing the breed).  
  • Raise funds by selling breed club or breed specific items

So who's judging?  Click here for the Show Schedule

Breed Stalls and Club Activities

  • Should be informative about your breed and its origins
  • Engage the public in the club's sporting activities 
  • Stand can be decorated with signage, information, flyers, etc
  • Should be aimed at the General Public
  • Sell Dog or Breed related items
  • What is a designated stall for the General Public?? This is a coloured paw on the map that requires the breed stall to stamp. Please contact us for more information or let us know if you would like to participate. 

Please click here for application to attend.


FCI A20 Show Results Report Form

4 April 2023

Dogs Australia has been advised by the FCI A2O Secretariat that the following form is required when sending in the results of your FCI A2O Shows. This form should be accompanied with a digital copy of the show catalogue.

Please click here to download the FCI A20 Show Reports Form.


DOGS NSW Regional Grants Program

21 March 2023

The DOGS NSW Finance Committee would like to advise Affiliates that the Regional Grant Program has now been finalised.

Further, the Committee would like to engage those Affiliates who were successful in their Grant Application and, subsequently received funding from the Program to send photographs of what they purchased and how those items are being used.



13 February 2023

The attention of Affiliates is drawn to the RNSWCC Constitution of Affiliates template, which is the preferred template for Affiliate Constitutions, and which requires the Minutes of General Meetings and Financial Reports to be made available to all members and confirmed at a subsequent meeting by a majority of members.

Following are extracts from the RNSWCC Constitution of Affiliates template:-


  1. Subject to the restrictions and limitations prescribed by or pursuant to the Constitution, the privileges of a Member shall be:

(c)    to receive any publication issued by the Association;


  1. The Treasurer shall ensure that:

(b)    correct books and accounts are kept showing the financial affairs of the Association, including full details of all receipts and expenditure connected with the activities of the Association.

Annual, Special and all General Meetings must be notified to “all members” of the Affiliate and at those meetings should allow for:-

  • confirmation of the Minutes of the last preceding annual, special or general meeting.
  • receipt and consideration of any financial statement or report required to be submitted to members under the Act.
  • to receive the reports of the Committee, the Secretary and the Treasurer and any other such reports as may be required to be given;
  • to receive the reports of Sub-Committees;

Therefore, Affiliates are to ensure that they make Minutes of meetings and financial reports available to all its members at all times.



 7 February 2023

Further to a previous notice advising of the requirement for Affiliates on the Victorian border to issue hard copy certificates to interstate exhibitors, the Board, at its recent meeting, reviewed its decision and resolved as follows:-

THAT “all” DOGS NSW Affiliates will need to have a stock of Dogs Australia official Best of Breed & Challenge Certificates available at their shows to enable hard copy certificates to be provided to exhibitors.



For the Love of Dog Sports

31 January 2023

DOGS NSW Scent Work Working Party and the sport of Scent Work want to take your Club in a fresh and exciting new direction in 2023!

Scent Work is one of the fastest growing sports worldwide, so please take this opportunity to introduce yourself to this thrilling new discipline and the trialling opportunities for both your Club and Members.

Scent Work Trials require minimal equipment to host and, dependant on the club's individual preference and situation, there are options to offer one element/one class trials, multiple elements/classes, single element or full trials. Elements include interior, exterior, container and vehicle searches and, similar to other dog sports, there are four classes (levels) commencing at Novice to Masters. Elements and classes can be mixed and matched to suit club space and member power.

The DOGS NSW Scent Work Working Party and Judges are eager to work with Clubs to offer support and guidance, from applying for a trial date, to completion of trial.

Find out more about how to start to share this popular sport with your members; interest in holding a Scent Work Trial; or if the Club would like to host a demonstration of the sport to your club members.

For more information: 0433 127 245 or Email: