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Re-Opening of DOGS NSW Events
Following the recent decision of the NSW Government in respect of the relaxing of COVID restrictions once 80% full vaccination level has been reached in New South Wales, the DOGS NSW Executive Committee has resolved today as follows:-

1.    THAT the COVID Plan for Controlled Outdoor Public Gatherings, attached at Annexure A, be approved for publication on the DOGS NSW website and other media platforms and, once approved, Affiliates will be required to complete and submit a COVID Plan with their Draft Schedules and/or at least ten (10) days prior to the conduct of any event.
2.    THAT, on reaching 80% fully vaccinated level in New South Wales, DOGS NSW events be approved to re-commence in accordance with the Affiliates COVID Plan and the current NSW Government regulations and requirements in respect of COVID-19.
3.    THAT all DOGS NSW Affiliates conducting events be required to adhere to their COVID Plan and the NSW Government regulations and requirements in respect of COVID-19 at all times.

This decision was based on information provided received from both NSW Health Department & Office of Stuart Ayers MP, as follows:-

DOGS NSW would be considered a “Controlled Outdoor Public Gathering as per below:-

•    Controlled outdoor public gatherings (ie – fenced, seated ticketed) permitted for up to 3,000 people with density limit.

This would require assurance that each event followed the rules governing a particular area with strict adherence to density limits and a COVID-19 Plan in place.  Density limits are, for example, a land mass of 2,000 sqm would allow a maximum of 1,000 people.

It should also be noted that should the Premier announced that travel to and from Regional areas is still restricted, ie, Regional cannot travel to Metropolitan areas and vice versa, then Affiliates will be required to ensure that their entries are limited to residents in their Regional areas only.

The above requirements are subject to “80% full vaccination level” being reached in New South Wales.

The Affiliates COVID Plan can be accessed be clicking here.