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New Feature on ANKC Database Member Portal

Instructions on how to view this new feature an be found here

What are the improvements?

Commencing Friday July 30th, 2021, Members can log into the ANKC Database Member Portal and view a list of dogs currently registered in their name. If a dog listed is deceased, you can select the dog and mark it as deceased. This will update the records in the database as deceased and remove the dog from the list of animals owned by you.


Why did we make the change?

DOGS NSW together with the ANKC, is currently working at replacing the existing database. In preparation for the transfer of data, we are actively creating ways to help clean existing data.  


Is there a cost to change a record?

There is NO charge to change the record of your dog to deceased. The feature is free of charge.


What you need to do

​The instructions on how to log in and update the status of your dogs owned can be found here


What if I have dogs listed that I have transferred to new Owners?

In the coming months, Members will have access to a new feature in the portal with the ability to transfer dogs listed in their name that have been on sold to new Owners prior to March 2020.  Further information in relation to dogs transferred after March 2020 will be advised in due course.


We are here to help

If you are having difficulty or require assistance, send us an email in the first instance to and a member of our team will get back to you as soon as possible.


DOGS NSW would like to take this opportunity to thank all the Members s who volunteered their time to assist with the testing. Your input and feedback has been invaluable and has made many improvements to the system to get it where it is today.


Yours Sincerely,