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ANKC Member Update

On Sunday October 24, the ANKC conducted an important update to its members detailing its plan to rebrand the public face of the Australian National Kennel Council to DOGS AUSTRALIA and take a more proactive role in communicating to dog lovers nationally. The update also demonstrated the scale and strength of the combined member bodies across Australia. The purpose of the presentation was to brief members for feedback ahead of a public launch of DOGS AUSTRALIA which will take place later this year. The official DOGS AUSTRALIA date will be advised to members in the coming weeks.

2658278.jpgDOGS AUSTRALIA will change the way we communicate with dog lovers around Australia.

With its name change and re-branding, it will be the beginning of a much bigger and more pro-active marketing role for our national body.

Across Australia we have 32,000 members, 11,000 breeders and over 350 breed clubs and now we will have a much stronger voice and, in time, a much bigger public voice.

Click here to view the promotional video.

Two or three times a year DOGS AUSTRALIA will run campaigns via the mainstream media, directed at the general public on behalf of our national membership, by bringing together the amazing repository of expertise, knowledge and experience held by our people.

Later this year, the first national campaign will be launched, focusing on educating the public on the importance of research to find the right dog for their family. 

That campaign will be driven by 7 social media videos and will focus on our 7 breed groups, their history, characteristics and instincts that might suit people looking for a dog for their family. They will also include dog sports.

They are designed to interest the public, and drive consumers to our breeders and dog sports.

Once edited, they will go up on all our state and national dog websites with links to relevant breeders.

And there’s more. All our breeders and clubs will be called on to contribute to grow our brand and your reputation by joining the ‘DOGS AUSTRALIA Bush Telegraph’.

By joining the Bush Telegraph, DOGS AUSTRALIA will share resources from the various consumer campaigns to the member community, to grow our collective brand, breeders and clubs.

You can join by emailing your name, organisation name and key contact to: 

A replay of the streamed presentation is available
here (requires registration), and later this week (without registration) as a video and transcription by clicking here