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Important Notice: Animal Justice Party - Companion Animals Amendment (Puppy Farms) Bill 2021
The Companion Animal Amendment (Puppy Farm) Bill, a Private members bill initially put forward by Emma Hurst of the Animal Justice Party and Alex Greenwich (Independent) was put forward for its second reading this week, but has been delayed for a month. This Amendment Bill, if enacted, has the potential to wipe us all out, while having minimal effect on puppy mill operations or production. 

This is a serious attempt to remove Companion Animals from general society. By severely limiting the number of breeding bitches, or queens, any person can have (greater than 2 of either), you are automatically a commercial breeder with a maximum of 10, and a micro breeder if 2 or less. Any retained female puppies or kittens from the age of 8 weeks is added to your current total, even if you let it go at 4-6 months of age. Any bitches out on breeders contracts are also counted and the contracts can be cancelled.

All breeders must be licensed, payable annually, inspected annually, and all your animals can be removed if you are not registered and do breed.

Many of the measures are extremely draconian and the proposed fines for not complying are severe. A copy of the letter that DOGS NSW Media & Government Legislation Committee has put forward to the Government, as well as notes for the members and technical notes are attached below, and will also be placed on the DOGS NSW website. Please click here to view a copy of the Animal Justice Party's proposed amendment to the NSW Parliament.

It is vitally important that everyone drafts a letter (please make them individual letters, not rote letters!) against this proposed amendment with continual heavy representations to their local and state politicians. The expense of running the required new registrations, inspections, etc, is expected to be borne by the breeders registered, so the costs will be high for even the micro breeders. I cannot see that Councils will be at all happy about the increased work required to run any such schemes, however, I can see an increase in puppy mill activity as the demand for Companion Animals  will still be there and we, as the visible breeders, will once again pay the price.

The end agenda by the Animal Justice Party is not to have Companion Animals. By placing so many restrictions, most breeders are going to say it is all too much and desex their animals. At worst, there may be animals euthanised or dumped.

We can fight this! The Amendment is not expected to pass at this time, but if we do not object strongly now, some of these points may still go forward next time! 

The letter and the notes will give you ideas to develop letters to go forward, write letters against the Animal Justice Party!  Click here to find your local member's email address.

Get involved and save our way of life and our freedoms !
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