Form Checklist

At DOGS NSW we strive to give you the very best customer service, and ensure your application forms are processed quickly. However, we often receive incorrectly completed forms or fees submitted.

The list below shows some common mistakes - please check them before you submit your application to ensure it's processed as quickly as possible. 

Litter Registrations  

  • Incorrect mating/whelping date
  • Service Certificate not completed by all owner/s of Sire/Dam
  • Application not signed by Breeder
  • Dam not in the Breeder/s name at time of whelping, which must be the same as the owner of the Prefix
  • Membership/Prefix not financial
  • No sex or colour indicated on form
  • No microchips indicated on form
  • Breed requirements not submitted i.e. Hip and Elbow results etc.


  • Transfer on reverse side of Certificate of Registration not completed
  • Transfer not signed by all of the “previous owners” and the “new owners” 
  • Date of Transfer not completed


  • Incomplete paperwork submitted, the following is required:
  • Original - Certified Export Pedigree
  • Original - Ownership Certificate
  • AQIS documentation
  • Microchip details
  • Paperwork not signed by all Owners

Title Applications

  • Original Certificate of Registration not submitted
  • Challenge Certificates (original or copies) not submitted
  • Interstate CC/BOB must accompany this application. If these have been lost you will need to obtain verification from the State Controlling Body of the CC/BOB being awarded to your dog

Please help us to help you! The staff of DOGS NSW must adhere to regulations and policy. If your paperwork is not correct then it will be returned thus holding up the processing of your transactions.

If you are not sure about any aspect then contact the office prior to submitting your paperwork.