Form Checklist

Litter Registrations  

The following check list is to be completed to ensure your application is correct and contains all documents required when submitting to the office.

  • Breeder’s Membership and Prefix is financial
  • Sire/Semen registration name, registration number and microchip number is correct
  • Owner/s of the Sire/Semen was financial at the time of mating
  • All Sire owner/s have completed and signed the Service Certificate
  • Dam registration name, registration number and microchip number is correct
  • The owner/s of the Dam is identical to the owner/s of the Prefix
  • Breeder/s have signed the Breeder’s Declaration
  • If frozen Semen was used, has the Semen been registered on file?
  • If fresh, chilled or frozen Semen was used, ensure the Artificial Insemination Declaration on the litter application has been completed and signed by the Inseminator
  • Ensure the mating and birth dates are indicated
  • Ensure you list the amount of living pups
  • Clearly print both 1st and 2nd choice names of pups
  • Clearly indicate if the pup/s are to be registered as Main or Limited
  • Clearly indicate the sex of each pup
  • Clearly indicate the colour and markings of each pup
  • Clearly print the microchip number or attach the microchip number sticker for each pup
  • If new puppy owners are known at the time of registration, include the new owner details on the application
  • Are there any breed requirements for the Dam and Sire? (eg Hip and Elbow Scores) Other breed requirements can be located in the Dogs Australia Regulations, Part 6
  • Please refer to the DOGS NSW Code of Ethics to ensure all requirements are met regarding any breaches. If a Vet Certificate is requires please ensure the Veterinary Certificate identifies the dog by microchip is submitted
  • If there are any Natural Bob Tail Pups, a Veterinary Certificate dated within 4 days of the pups birth OR DNA Testing is required in accordance with the Dogs Australia Regulations

Please help us to help you! The staff of DOGS NSW must adhere to regulations and policy. If your paperwork is not correct then it will be returned thus holding up the processing of your transactions.

If you are not sure about any aspect then contact the office prior to submitting your paperwork.