Awards and Titles

Below is a list of Titles and Awards you can apply for with the DOGS NSW Title Application Form

With sporting disciplines ever changing and new sports being ANKC Ltd approved unfortunately we have come to a time where we can no longer list all the available titles and disciplines on the application, therefore we have provided them here on our website for easy viewing.

In order to apply for the title with DOGS NSW you must

  • First complete the two (2) page Title Application
  • All Owners MUST sign the Title Application
  • At least ONE owner of the dog must reside in NSW to apply through DOGS NSW for your title
  • You must attach the original pedigree to the application 
Champion YES
Champion - Grand YES
Champion – Supreme YES
Champion - Neutered YES
Champion - Grand Neutered YES
Champion - Dual YES
Champion – Triple NO
Agility Champion (Indicate Height) YES
Dances with Dogs  
Freestyle Champion NO
Earthdog Champion NO
Field Trial  
Field Trial Champion YES
Flyball Dog Champion   NO
Australian Flyball Champion   NO
Flyball Master Champion  NO
Flyball Master Champion - Onyx Award   NO
Flyball Dog Grand Champion   NO
Flyball Dog Grand Champion - Jeddah Award   NO
Flyball Dog Grand Champion - Ezri Award   NO
Herding Champion NO
Herding Grand Champion NO
Herding Versatile Champion NO
Herding Versatile Champion Excellent NO
Lure Coursing  
Field Champion NO
Singles Field Champion NO
Veterans Field Champion NO
Retrieving Trial  
Retrieving Trial Champion YES
Grand Retrieving Trial Champion NO
Obedience Champion YES
Rally Obedience Champion NO
Grand Obedience Champion YES
Tracking Champion YES
Track & Search Champion NO
Track & Search Grand Champion NO


Agility Dog AD. YES
Agility Dog Excellent ADX. YES
Agility Dog Master ADM. YES
Agility Dog Open ADO. YES
Jumping Dog JD. YES
Jumping Dog Excellent JDX. YES
Jumping Dog Master JDM. YES
Jumping Dog Open JDO. YES
Snooker Dog SD. YES
Snooker Dog Excellent SDX. YES
Snooker Dog Master SDM. YES
Gamblers Dog GD. YES
Gamblers Dog Excellent GDX. YES
Gamblers Dog Master GDM. YES
Strategic Pairs Dog SPD. YES
Strategic Pairs Dog Excellent SPDX. YES
Strategic Pairs Dog Master SPDM. YES
Dances with Dogs TITLE SASH
Freestyle Starter FS.S. NO
Freestyle Novice FS.N. NO
Freestyle Intermediate FS.I. NO
Freestyle Advance FS.A. NO
Heelwork to Music Starter HTM.S. NO
Heelwork to Music Novice HTM.N. NO
Heelwork to Music Intermediate HTM.I. NO
Heelwork to Music Advanced HTM.A. NO
Novice Draft Dog NDD. NO
Draft Dog DD. NO
Brace Novice Draft Dog BNDD. NO
Brace Draft Dog BDD. NO
Advanced Novice Draft Dog ANDD. NO
Master Draft Dog MDD. NO
Advanced Brace Novice Draft Dog ABNDD. NO
Master Brace Draft Dog MBDD. NO
Earthdog Instinct Certificate EIC. NO
Junior Earthdog JE. NO
Senior Earthdog SE. NO
Master Earthdog ME. NO
Strong Dog Earthdog SDE. NO
Endurance TITLE SASH
Endurance Test ET. YES
Flyball Dog  FD. NO
Flyball Dog Excellent  FDX. NO 
Flyball Dog Champion  FDCh. NO 
Australian Flyball Champion  AFCh. NO 
Flyball Master FM. NO 
Flyball Master Excellent  FMX. NO 
Flyball Master Champion  FMCh. NO
Flyball Master Champion - Onyx Award  ONYX.  NO 
Flyball Dog Grand Champion  FDGCh.  NO
Flyball Dog Grand Champion - Jeddah Award JEDDAH.  NO 
Flyball Dog Grand Champion - Ezri Award  EZRA. NO 
Herding Test (Instinct Test Cert req.) HT. YES
Herding Pre-Trial PT. YES
Herding Started (specify course) HS. YES
Herding Advanced (specify course) HX. YES
Herding Intermediate (specify course) HI. YES
Lure Coursing TITLE SASH
Junior Courser JC. NO
Senior Courser SC. NO
Lure Courser of Merit LCM. NO
Lure Courser Excellent LCX. NO
Coursing Ability CA. NO
Coursing Ability Advanced CAA. NO
Coursing Ability Excellent CAX. NO
Single Lure Courser of Merit sLCM. NO
Single Lure Courser Excellent sLCX. NO
Veteran Lure Courser of Merit vLCM. NO
Veteran Lure Courser Excellent vLCX. NO
Obedience TITLE SASH
Community Companion Dog CCD. YES
Companion Dog CD. YES
Companion Dog Excellent CDX. YES
Utility Dog UD. YES
Utility Dog Excellent UDX. YES
Rally Novice RN. YES
Rally Advanced RA. YES
Rally Excellent RE. YES
Rally Advanced Excellent RAE. YES
Rally Master RM. YES
Tracking Dog TD. YES
Tracking Dog Excellent TDX. YES
Track & Search Dog TSD. NO
Track & Search Dog Excellent TSDX. NO
Trick Dog Starter (TK.S) NO
Retrieving TITLE SASH
Novice Retrieving Ability NRA. NO
Open Retrieving Ability ORA. NO
Qualifying Novice Dog QND NO
Novice Retrieving Trial Dog NRD. NO
Restricted Retrieving Trial Dog RRD. NO
All Age Retrieving Trial Dog AARD. NO
Novice Field Dog NFD. NO
Scent Work Novice SWN. NO
Scent Work Advanced SWA. NO
Scent Work Excellent SWE. NO
Scent Work Master SWM. NO
Scent Work Container Element  SWC. NO
Scent Work Interior Element SWI. NO
Scent Work Exterior Element SWX. NO
Scent Work Vehicle Element SWV. NO
Sled Dog Sports TITLE SASH
Working Pack Dog WPD. YES
Working Pack Dog Excellence WPDX. YES
Working Team Dog WTD. YES
Working Team Dog Excellence WTDX. NO
Working Lead Dog WLD. NO
Working Lead Dog Excellence WLDX. NO
Working Weight Pull Dog WWPD. YES
Working Weight Pull Dog Excellence WWPDX. YES