Scent Working Party

Scentwork Working Party

The ANKC Rules for Scentwork were ratified from July 2020.

Competition in NSW is expected to commence mid 2021.

The working Party is endeavouring to encourage and assist affiliated Clubs in their efforts to hold Scentwork Trials in NSW.

Club Committees please be aware that trials do not necessarily need to offer all 4 elements at every trial – one or 2 elements may be offered.

Scentwork Working Party Contacts:
Convenor: Sue Turner  Ph: 0423 667 229  E:
Member: Peta Clarke  E:
Member: Teresa Kernahan  E:
Member: Dr Penny Mead  E:
Member: Natasha Neppl  E:
Member: Christine Stani  E:

Relevant Links:
* Refer to the ANKC Website for the Rules for the conduct of Scent Work Trials - [effective from 1 July 2020]
* Refer to the ANKC Website for the Scent Work Title Summary Information - (effective from 1 July 2020)
* Download the Guide for Affiliates produced by the National Scentwork Committee here (separate document attached).
* Download the Guide for Stewards produced by Julie Cutts (ACT) here (separate document attached).
* Download the entry form for paper entries for Scentwork here.


The ANKC has approved the Rules for the Conduct of Scent Work Trials with effect 1 July 2020.

The Foundation Scent Work Judges’ Training Scheme will be conducted at a national level in 2020 under the auspice of the ANKC National Scent Work Committee.

The Foundation Scent Work Judges’ course will formally commence early September 2020 and is expected to conclude in early 2021. The course will include theory and practical components, with theory and practical examinations at the completion of the course.

There is a course fee of $50.00 which must be submitted with the application form. Applicants must also include documentation supporting their claims against the Eligibility Criteria for the program (see below). This should not be more than 1-2 page(s). Further information will be sought if required.

Aspirants must be approved by their member body and assessed by the National Scent Work Committee as suitable to be admitted to the Foundation Judges’ course.

Appointment of Scent Work Foundation Judges will be through the ANKC member bodies based on recommendations from the National Scent Work Committee.

The eligibility criteria for the Program include – an applicant must:
(a) Be a member of a Member Body or, if not a member, become and remain a member of the relevant Member Body;
(b) Be over eighteen (18) years of age by the closing date for applications;
(c) Reside in the State or Territory of application for admission to the Scheme;
(d) demonstrate proven Scent Work knowledge as a result of either formal qualifications and/or relevant training courses with proven skills and/or experience in training a dog(s) in scent work in either a professional or dog sports capacity;
(e) demonstrate skills and experience in instructing in Scent Work;
(f) demonstrate a commitment to actively participate in Scent Work trials including as an organiser, a steward, a judge or other official.

Consideration may be given on an exception basis to expressions of interest for the Foundation program that meet most (but not all) of these criteria, where the individual can demonstrate the capacity to meet the requirements within a reasonable time.

Expressions of interest addressing the Eligibility Criteria and with a completed application form and application fee should be submitted to DOGS NSW, P O Box 632, St Marys NSW 1790 or by email: by 14th August 2020.

Please click here to download the application form.