Obedience & Tracking Committee

Each meeting of the Obedience and Tracking Committee is held on the second Thursday of each month at 6:00pm at:

Amenities Building
Bill Spilstead Complex for Canine Affairs
44 Luddenham Road
Orchard Hills, NSW

For more information contact DOGS NSW on (02) 9834 3022 or email info@dognsw.org.au

View submissions for the review of rules of Tracking Trials, Tracking & Search Dog Trials and Endurance Tests

Obedience & Tracking Submission to the ANKC

The Committee will be holding a meeting on Friday 29th November to vote on the submissions which DOGS NSW will take to the ANKC meeting next year. A summary of the submissions can be found here. Click here to view the Grouped Rally O Topics.


Obedience & Tracking Committee contacts

Miss Vicki Etherington OAM
Ph: 0418 226 915
E. Vickietherington@bigpond.com

Member: Mrs Maria Wheeler - Ph. 0409 988 901 - E. borealisdobes@bigpond.com
Member: Ms Beryl Rand - Ph. 0408 974 300 - E. beryljrand@optusnet.com.au
Member: Mrs Louise Patterson - Ph. 0418 226 915 - E. euraidd@bigpond.net.au
Member: Ms Susan Turner - Ph. 0423 667 229 - E. suevizsla9162@gmail.com
Member: Mr Ron Probert - Ph. 0411 873 895 - E. lovalab@bigpond.net.au
Member: Mrs Jan Probert - Ph. 0411 873 895 - E. lovalab@bigpond.net.au
Member: Mrs Judy Turley - E. djturley@tpg.com.au
Member: Mr Robert Nolland - Ph. 0412 741 546 - E. sguthrie@live.com.au
Member: Miss Joan Stewart - Ph. 0421 016 168 - E. joan.stewart@bigpond.com

Committee Mission Statement

  • Monitor the organisation of Obedience Trials and Tracking Trials and ensure that they are conducted in accordance with the Regulations.
  • Allocate and amend Trial dates.
  • Make recommendations for amendments to the Trial Regulations.
  • Consider reports of Trial Representatives.
  • Refer incidents reported at Trials by the Trial Representatives to the Secretary, the Board or the Affiliate concerned as appropriate.
  • Conduct State and National Obedience Trials as required by the Board.
  • Provide advice and guidance to the Affiliates on Trial regulations and all other matters relating to Obedience and Tracking.
  • Manage all issues relating to Obedience and Tracking which are not specifically assigned to another committee.

Policy Document

Download the Policy document as a pdf document.


NSW State Obedience Titles

Click here for more information on NSW State Obedience Titles

Rally Signage

The Obedience & Tracking Committee would like to thank Shanelle Corben, who has produced videos which demonstrate the way to execute the new Rally signs.

Please click here to view the signs, together with the corresponding videos.