CJEP Examinations Committee

Chair: Deborah Harbin

Committee: Simon Mills


Practical Examination - Continuing Candidates

For those Trainees that have achieved a PASS in the Group/Single Breed Theory Examination and have not sat or passed the Practical Examination component for that Group/Single Breed, you are eligible to apply for a Practical Examination for that Group/Single Breed.  

Continuing Trainees will need to satisfy the requirements set out in DOGS NSW Regulations, Part III-2022/2023 Conformation Judges Education Program and Timetable.

For any queries please contact Deborah Harbin, Chair, CJEP Examinations Committee.

Please click here to download the Application for Practical Examinations 2022- Continuing Trainees only.


Practical Examination Form - (Continuing Candidates only)


Part 03 Conformation Judges Education Program & Manual

Examination Guidelines 2022-2023

Examination Guidelines 2022-2023