Online Annual Affiliate Returns

Annual Reports must be lodged with DOGS NSW within 2 months of the AGM, or no later than 31st October each year for affiliates whose financial year runs July to June. If any delay affects the lodgement of your Annual Report with DOGS NSW, please ensure you notify the office via email to advising the date of expected submission.

The components required to be submitted are listed on the front page of the Annual Reporting form. Please ensure your member listing contains the information as listed in Section 1b of the Annual Report form. The committee listed on the report should be the newly elected incoming committee, and not the committee as it sat for the reporting period.

If your affiliated club held no shows within the reporting period, an audit is NOT required to be undertaken, however a copy of the affiliate’s bank statement as at the final date of the reporting period, signed by the Treasurer, must be submitted with your report. Incorporated clubs must still ensure the reporting requirements of the NSW Department of Fair Trading are met.

Please contact the office via email for log-in details if required.

Click Here to Complete your Affiliate's Annual Return online.

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