How to Donate

The Royal NSW Canine Health and Welfare Charity Ltd is a charity registered with the Australian Charities and Not-for-Profits Commission and all donations over $2.00 are tax deductible for the donor.

Although DOGS NSW has very kindly made a seeding grant to the Charity, it will need to raise funds from the community and your donations would be most welcome.


• By donating online
• By phoning the Charity at DOGS NSW on (02) 9834 0250
• By email:
• By making a direct deposit to the Charity’s bank account:
BSB: 062-212
Account: 1068 0015.
Donations should be marked with the name of the donor and an email sent to so a receipt can be issued.

• By making a bequest in your will. In this case, you may like to use the following format or contact your solicitor for advice;
In using this format you must specify exactly that the recipient is the Royal NSW Canine Council Health and Welfare Charity Ltd.
I,…………………………………………………………. Give and bequeath to the Royal NSW Canine Council Health and Welfare Charity Ltd of 44 Luddenham Rd, Orchard Hills NSW 2748 for the use and purpose of the said Society.
(a) The residue (or………………. .%) of the residue) of my estate.
(b) A ……………………. % of my estate.
(c) A sum of $...............................
free of all death and estate duties. I direct that the receipt of the Treasurer of Proper Officer of the Society authorised to act on his/her behalf shall be sufficient discharge to my executors.


The Royal NSW Canine Council Health and Welfare Charity Ltd is pleased to invite applications for financial assistance grants of up to $1000.00 from accredited Rescue Organisations to assist in their work of relieving the direct suffering of dogs.

In accordance with the Charity’s Constitution, a grant may be made to accredited Rescue Organisations based on the following criteria:
• The grant must be to relieve the suffering of canines such as those affected by an emergency or those requiring urgent or ongoing assistance in care and/or rehoming.
• The applicant must be a Rehoming Organisation approved for this purpose by the Office of Local Government or a Rescue Organisation affiliated with DOGS NSW.
• Each application must be made direct to the Charity for approval at a meeting of the Board of Directors.
• Applications will also be received from DOGS NSW.

An application must be made in writing by sending an email to the Royal NSW Canine Council Health and Welfare Charity Ltd.
An application must address the following:
• The purpose for which the grant is sought.
• The monetary value for which this grant is sought.
• How any grant money will be spent.
• The number of dogs to be assisted by the grant.
• A clear statement of the welfare outcomes sought by the applicant and the process by which these outcomes will be achieved.
• Evidence of good governance by the applicant in ensuring the welfare of dogs. Such evidence may include the number of dogs rehomed and the policies and protocols adopted by the applicant to ensure dogs are rehomed in an appropriate and successful manner.

If an application is successful then it is a requirement that a detailed report on the expenditure, supported by receipts, will be provided to the Charity. It is also a requirement that the degree to which the anticipated outcomes have been achieved will be provided to the Charity. For example, was the animal successfully rehomed.

Each application will be assessed on merit and on the needs specified by the applicant at the time of the application. An applicant is not limited to one only application.

To assist in a successful determination, it is recommended that all applications be detailed and comprehensive in nature, containing sufficient information to enable a prompt decision by the Board of Directors.

Please send your application to and include the contact details of the primary contact person.