Tile MasterchopsA unique event, Masterchops is a forum dedicated to connecting the world-wide canine community with an inspiring lineup of canine health and nutrition experts to ever reach Australia. MasterChops is a forum dedicated to connecting the world-wide canine community, all in the spirit of learning. The event promises to challenge existing notions and philosophies about animal health and to start a conversation about the role that food plays in preventing and treating disease.
To be held in the heart of Victoria, Australia at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre, on Saturday November 14, MasterChops will also be available worldwide via live online pay-per-view.

Your host Phivo Christodoulou (The Dog Health Guy and director of Augustine Approved) invites some of the brightest minds in canine health to the stage, to share their collective experience and wealth of knowledge with you!

The keynote speakers are international canine experts Rodney Habib (Canada) and Dr Karen Becker (USA). The supporting panel includes Dr Bruce Syme of Vets All Natural (VIC) and Dr Ian Billinghurst - the grandfather of raw feeding and creator of the B.A.R.F. diet (NSW).

Speakers4MasterChops is all about putting the power into your hands and helping you make informed and educated decisions when considering care and nutrition for your best friend. Over time, environmental, lifestyle and nutrition shortfalls can lead to a range of health concerns, some chronic which require ongoing expensive treatment and care; others can be terminal which is devastating for both you and your animal companion.

What you may not know is that there are a wide range of preventative measures and healing alternatives for you to explore. Ashtweth Palise from Panacea BOCAF (QLD) will be presenting his results on a revolutionary new approach to skin cancer for people and animals.

The panel will discuss methods to address the root of problems rather than managing symptoms. Topics include canine cancer, skin problems, worming, vaccines, arthritis, pancreatitis, IBD and digestive upsets.

VENUE: Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre
DATE: Saturday 14th November

For more information about securing tickets and the event  please visit the website: http://www.masterchops.com.au/